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  1. Hello everyone, After reading all the guides available here in the forum, I managed to create a server. Thank you so much for everyone's guides/help and also to the community. Going forward, I alone running the server alone would be impossible. I am still learning. It could be nice to have someone interested to grow the server, so we can learn together. The server is been set up Singapore, my target would serve the players from Asia region. Server files that I'm using is a clean PKO 1.36 EN base. If you're interested to working together. Please drop me a PM or reply below. Thank you.
  2. Mhbays

    Azure Microsoft Hosting, help please

    Hi Reynaldo, Good work there on setting up your server on Azure. I've always been interested to create my own server, maybe you can help? Thanks Regards
  3. Hi all community members, I cant seem to find a guide on how to create your own ToP's website from scratch. Is there anyone here who can help? Im working on building my own server
  4. Mhbays

    How To Config TOP Website?

    Try editing inc.includes.php 
  5. Mhbays

    How To Config TOP Website?

    I installed xampp version 1.6.6 just like you said and it worked like a charm. Thank you :)