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  1. Edit: i I could already create the server, I managed to fix everything, thank you very much and sorry, who wants to know how to make a server is not hamachi I am at your disposal
  2. Hello my name is Reynaldo, I recently occupied a hosting service to make a top private server, it is Azure from microsoft, what happens is that I do everything and I can not mount the server, someone could help me, I also offer my host services in case anyone needs, thank you very much in advance
  3. Please i need the database for the sql server management studio 2014, ¿anyone have?
  4. The problem solved with Wolfenx thank you all!!
  5. Brother mira esta es la configuración
  6. Hello, please help me with this problem, I have been doing a TOP server and I want to have an In Game Shop, but the following happens, everything works fine when starting the IGS but when it starts to connect the IPs it never ends, any solution? ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Hola, por favor ayudenme con este problema, vengo haciendo un servidor TOP y quiero tener una In Game Shop , pero sucede lo siguiente, todo funciona bien al iniciar el IGS pero cuando comienza a conectar las ip jamás termina, ¿alguna solución?
  7. Hi, i create a In Game Shop, my question is, as I put an item? please someone help me?
  8. Please help that does not stop charging
  9. Please help that does not stop charging
  10. Thanks bro! :D, Hey i have other problem and is that
  11. Hi all, i have a problem in create In Game Mall server. How attach the tradedb.sql in the database? please help me
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