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  1. adoboscan

    PKO 2.4 + IGS

    This server files and client are be okay for an private server?
  2. adoboscan

    Please help me 2.4 client

    Are there any clients that can connect to 2.4 server files without problems? I have the server already in function but when I try to connect from the client of TOP 2 and I try to connect with my account it stays in loading ... Please help me.
  3. adoboscan

    Microsoft SQL Server 2014 Express

    And I have another question. Which one do you recommend download for the PKO2 server? I use windows 32 bit.
  4. adoboscan

    Microsoft SQL Server 2014 Express

    With this sql I can make the tradeserver in game? You could make a video of how to use it. The most basic to do the server and tradeserver. It would be very helpful.
  5. adoboscan

    How to Stop

    ¿How i can stop time left in the amplifiers when the users disconnect? i think than this is very important for an server. Can someone help me please?
  6. adoboscan

    Help with UG drop in mobs

    Exactly.. I already did it. Ty for all.
  7. adoboscan

    Help with UG drop in mobs

    i want add an Unique Gem ramdom in the mob, how i can do it? Ex: Gem of Soul 2% Strik 2% Rage 2% Colo 2% Wind 2% But i need only one unique gem per round. Can u help me?
  8. adoboscan

    Anybody can help me?

    Is the tradeserver what they use on piratekingonline? I really have no idea how to use it. If you could help me with a guide I would be of great help. I do not have much time on this server, I hope sorry for the inconvenience.
  9. adoboscan

    Anybody can help me?

    Hello everyone, I would like to know if anyone can give me the way to have the off stall on my server. And if you can explain how to make the Customer Item Mall button can take me to the Mall on my website. I really hope your help, I'm new to this forum. I hope you have a good night.