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  1. UchihaJr

    Boss Problem

    Hello people! :D I need your help,i got weird problem ppl klling dw2 boss and kara and when hp come to 1% boss just disspear ?? hm some can help me please
  2. UchihaJr

    Reset Char Book

  3. UchihaJr

    Reset Char Book

    Do anyone got reset char script-it reset full char stats etc like rb hmm?? if can help
  4. UchihaJr


  5. UchihaJr


    Hello. I made 3x quest like task 1 task 2 task 3 but how i make quest connected like if i want start task 2 i need finish task 1 and same as task 3 i need finish task 1,2 and then 3 will be able like story hm?
  6. UchihaJr

    Pokemon Fairy Pets

  7. UchihaJr

    Npc not appear

    anyway he using roso files so why not? he will got everything what he need
  8. UchihaJr

    Npc not appear

    Download roso client copy texture/model folder in ur client if dont work then in ur srv file is problem
  9. UchihaJr

    Map problem[VOD,COD]

    @x3wor Hm they dont have RLOG
  10. UchihaJr

    Map problem[VOD,COD]

    its vod in arg and cod in ici thats why its weird
  11. UchihaJr

    Map problem[VOD,COD]

    Why VOD,COD map cant work in same game server.. i have problem that cod giving reward and vod dont give reward and if i off cod from game server vod will give reward any idea hmm?
  12. UchihaJr

    Anti Dupe[Question]

    Hello People i want to ask you what is best anti dupe to use now some ppl told me saead anti dupe outdated hmm so any idea where to get some good anti dupe or where to find ?
  13. UchihaJr

    LVL JUMP problem

    I made 10x exp and i kill sand bag lv 5 hm?
  14. UchihaJr

    LVL JUMP problem

    Hello i got 1x problem when i lvl char to lvl 70 it jump me to 91 lvl how i can disable this lvl jump hm?
  15. UchihaJr

    Portal Maps

    Where to get it ? ye