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  1. War Zone Online - New Era Goddes Revival[23.3.2018]

    Server Is Online!! Updates Finished *Balance *Cleric SP increased *Voy Conch Increased *Sm Def Increased *Cruz Dodge Increased *News *WZO Wepons in Mall *PK Map open 24/7 so you can pk! *Lone Tower Minimun Level to enter is 101 *New Upgrade System for War Set *Many New Apparels,Colored Kylins,BD *New Bossing map *Hell Chapter In Icicle[1339,581] Open everyday 12 PM/AM *Near Port is Npc Guide so you can learn how this map working! Use Auto Patcher for Update your Client and Join Game!!
  2. War Zone Online - New Era Goddes Revival[23.3.2018]

    April Updates Done!! *Fixed stuff *Fixed App Bug *Fixed Angela in Award Center *Fixed Vod Reward *Updates! Max Level is 130 Now! *How To level Up to 130 Will be Put in Guide NPC![You need Exp Pot each pot will give you 1 lvl] *Removed Circle Of Death *New Pk Map Chaos War Open in Icicle Tele,New Chest Inside with good rewards *Money Task Quest Back but with better reward if you finished 3x Task you will get 50m! *Dark Swamp Open! *Each Mob giving 400k gold and droping ref gem *Chest Droping Money And Standard Novice *DS Eq You can obtain in Start Item Npc *Use Auto Patcher For Update your Client!!! Also Item Mall Opened!! Events start! [Event 1] Duration: March 29th, 2018 - April 10th, 2018 Purchase any amount of IMPs during this time and you'll get Double Imps!! [Event 2] Vote Promotion Duration: March 29th, 2018 - April 10th, 2018 You will now obtain Double Credits every Vote! *Thanks !! Enjoy PLAYING WZO TEAM!*u
  3. War Zone Online - New Era Goddes Revival[23.3.2018]

    Update 1 Nerfs / buffs made: Crus stun nerfed and SM seals nerfed. Crus dodge reduced, SS hit rate improved Money Isle – added more mobs and added Buff notes to Money Isle drop (70% drop rate) Kals new price - 3m each UG gems price reduced to 4M each Kylin set bonus damage effect removed Fixed Invisible Apparel
  4. War Zone Online - New Era Goddes Revival[Opened Today] @Beta Finished*Server Offically Open today [23.3.2018] @Web Site: http://warzoneonline.com @Facebook Group:https://www.facebook.com/groups/1700596240257149/ @Discord: https://discord.gg/9yAPqa8 *Server Rates: *Max Level 130-Level Up with Quest! -Instant Level to 100 -x15 Drop Rate -X100 Growth Rate *Max Level: 100 *Max Pet Level:60 *New Quest-Story *Instances *New Farming Ways [Bossing Party] *Lone Tower Instance You Got 6 Waves per wave 1x Boss your challenge is to kill all bosses with ur party and get reward! *How To Farm Money The best way to farm money on our server is to farm in dw1,2 (DW1 mobs give you 300k each, DW2 mobs give you 400k each). You can also go to Money Isle (2173,2782 arg) mobs in Money Isle give you 200k each and you can do the Refining Gem Quest in Money Isle to get x5 ref gem cards. *[Gems and Stones] *Ref Gems drops In Demonic World 1,2 or Refining Gem Quest *NPC- Unq Gems *BD Mobs - Black Dragon Mobs,Wood *Chests,Boss - Azrael Gems,War Gems[Mspd,Aspd] *Main Maps: -Argent City -Shaitan City -Icicle City *PK Maps: -Valley of Death -Circle of Death -Chaos Argent -Mask of Death *Other Maps: -Money Isle -Abbadon 18 -Demonic World 1-2 Welcome And Join us In GREAT PK SERVER!!!!!
  5. Quest(Solved!)

  6. Quest(Solved!)

    Hello. I made 3x quest like task 1 task 2 task 3 but how i make quest connected like if i want start task 2 i need finish task 1 and same as task 3 i need finish task 1,2 and then 3 will be able like story hm?
  7. Pokemon Fairy Pets

  8. Npc not appear

    anyway he using roso files so why not? he will got everything what he need
  9. Npc not appear

    Download roso client copy texture/model folder in ur client if dont work then in ur srv file is problem
  10. Map problem[VOD,COD]

    @x3wor Hm they dont have RLOG
  11. Map problem[VOD,COD]

    its vod in arg and cod in ici thats why its weird
  12. Map problem[VOD,COD]

    Why VOD,COD map cant work in same game server.. i have problem that cod giving reward and vod dont give reward and if i off cod from game server vod will give reward any idea hmm?
  13. Anti Dupe[Question]

    Hello People i want to ask you what is best anti dupe to use now some ppl told me saead anti dupe outdated hmm so any idea where to get some good anti dupe or where to find ?
  14. LVL JUMP problem

    I made 10x exp and i kill sand bag lv 5 hm?
  15. LVL JUMP problem

    Hello i got 1x problem when i lvl char to lvl 70 it jump me to 91 lvl how i can disable this lvl jump hm?