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  1. https://discord.gg/dFNy3Kt http://sunrisepirates.com/ Server is new has few players we are trying to get it more popular. If you join u will receive 1 fairy and 5x leveling packs go to website and download client and register! Message sun on discord when you join for your items
  2. Server was down but we are now live come join us at http://sunrisepirates.com/
  3. well i cannot seem to get it to work no matter what half the people click the play button and it never opens ive tried server set changes new patcher etc nothing works do vps sometime shave region restrictions? or is it a port issue ?
  4. I launched a server and when 50% of them hit autopatcher it downloads patches and they hit play and it works. The other 50% can download patches but when they hit play game never opens does anyone have a fix for this?
  5. https://www.timeanddate.com/countdown/gaming?iso=20200731T16&p0=198&msg=Sunrise+Pirates+Online+-+Official+Launch&font=cursive We are finally launching tomorrow !! Come join us in our discord and we will drop website link once timer is done !
  6. WE WILL BE LAUNCHING VERY SOON GUYS JOIN OUR DISCORD AND HELP US MAKE THIS A MASSIVE FUN EXPERIENCE!!! We had a problem with the last discord link this is a new one, come and join us. https://discord.gg/GWgNxRt
  7. Sunrise Pirates Online SERVER RATES 2.5x SOLO 2.5xDROP 5XPT 10xFairy 3xSHIP WE ARE LIVE http://sunrisepirates.com/ Come join us! ————————- Discord ———————— We have decided to wait until we have enough players in the discord to launch once we reach a certain amount we will set an exact launch date for everyone to get the website link and download the client. Join our discord and invite your friends! Server features We have a brand new UI for you which allows you to see monster drop/drop rate and HP and stats in real time! Modified boss drops New npcs Rep merchant IGS FC/DS/DW We have modified drops for all the mazes to make it a better experience filled with pk. FC drops broken gems in Chest/Mini bosses DS drops cracked and DW drops chipped ,which you can exchange in town for a cracked gem and so on and so forth. All gems can be exchanged for better gems In argent. Example:2x broken =1Cracked Gem etc. CA Standard CA Drops like in original Top. You must be level 45 to enter. Come join us together we can make TOP a perfect game again !
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