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  1. This just works for weapons and hats - i.e "static" models right? or doesn't it work on armors etc.?
  2. I figured it out, can convert now. Thanks for the feedback tho.
  3. Hey there, i'm a bit confused on how the php file conversion from obj to lgo. When using the php files and you hit the "Convert .OBJ to .LGO". There's 2 options for model input. One which is .lgo and one which is .obj. What's supposed to go in the "Select lgo" one? If you're converting for example a staff. Is it just another staff from the files for it to read from? or? I've tried different things and my model never appear in game, but i also get no errors.
  4. Flareux

    Fastpanel tricks

    @Duduf I am wondering how you understand what to replace and how you make sense of the hex data, are there anywhere i can read up on it? On top of that i'm wondering if it would be possible to rebind the skill bar's hotkeys to something else (client sided) through editing the hex data?
  5. Some people on my server asked about the transparency on icons, when making custom apparels. I made a video to explain how you make new/adjust icons.
  6. Hello, i'm not very knowledgeable on engine-stuff or anything alike that, and i am currently just working on models for weapons. I am wondering tho if the game supports shaders since there are a "shader" folder i got curious.
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