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  1. sry if i sound stupid but so i got the folder downloaded with website scripts how i attache it ? like to set it online + link web adress etc
  2. but how i add the site like i make a new database ? in sql i did once in hamachi server but i rly dont remember sry
  3. Hi any guides how to make a Pko website properly and how to create a autopatcher ? thx in advance
  4. Its happen only on unseal 95 can be fixed ?
  5. Hi everybody im looking for a team partner with scripting skills. to my project i want to make a long term vanilla server not to hard and not to easy, max Lv 65 at the beginning and going slowly forward. idea is to dont make a paid to win server but neither to easy goal is to run a long terms server with developing what i need is - Lua scripter - website i will be paying host and so on once beta phase ended will be paid service in further anyone interessted pls pm or write me in Discord BpkdeV#2305
  6. Hello i just tryed to fuse a apparel and i notice the folowing problem Equipment on right side dont has any attribute failed! any1 hase an idea what is that ? Thanx
  7. Hi i made everzthing like in the guide but i cant get the glow or the cloak visible ? it adds the stat onlz glow i get is information bank Lol any Help pls x.x
  8. Thank you all for your help finalz made it ! its Up the server
  9. worked XD i tot i cant just change like that lol
  10. as i knew it i coppz the file dirrection as said in the guide and plop i cant execute it
  11. well 1 thing worked lets see the following steps XDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD
  12. you know what IT FUKING WORKED ! XD Finally Thanks so much
  13. with restart you mean server browser in configuration manager ?
  14. the thing is i cant add my gameDB since i cant log in and i tryed all it just keep saying this error msg if i want to log in no idea why doesnt matter if admin sa top adminuser alwazs same error code im going crazy lol
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