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  4. https://discord.gg/C6bHT8V For people who are interessted in developing the server with me. Please note that if you wanna be on the dev team you have to be serious about this. I will not accept an anyone who does stuff, just to do them, you have to actually feel some excitement and passion. There is no point for someone to be on the dev team if they do not have love for the game either, all help will always be appreciated. From whoever it is though
  5. FIrst of all I would like to thank everyone who commented. I apologize for the late reply, as I didn't sleep last night because of an exam i had today. So I studied all night as I was kind of stressed out and slept for most of the part today. I won't be that active today about the server but I'm gonna get the discord done at least so that those who are interesting can join, whatever it might be as a tester, coder, etc. Do you recommend any specific version as well? I can imagine that they were many server attempts in the past, and many server attempts will still be done. I have played private servers a lot back in the day, I also got asked to be a host for one back in the day as well. Which I did, however I was purely the host for some time, but the GMS that ran the server were greedy and just wanted to be the strongest so they made max gear for themselvs just to slaughter players. That kind of behaviour is unacceptable so I kicked them out and ran the server myself. Which was quite tough at the time, however it did well. Untill I had to shut the server down because my father did not like that I was using his internet for hosting, and I can respect that. But that was back in the day, now is now. The reason I also put the release date to be in MARCH is precisely so that there is a LOOOOT of time. When it comes to your ideas, I think they are great. But they do not interest me (for now), I do not feel any passion, do not get me wrong they are great. But between running my own server and creating a matchmaking app and so on, creating my own server sounds a lot more exciting. So from my experience if something does not sound exciting, to you at the moment there is no need to go for it, go for what you think is exciting. Just to explain a bit why I do not feel any real passion: Right now I feel ToP is in quite a sore state, meaning the gameplay has not really been updated since 2007. The quests are the same, the money making methods have not really changed. I even looked at some different private servers. Of course there are many great coders around here, and from what I saw recently some of the developers are trying to think outside of the box. But what I feel, is that there is nobody that has gone the extra mile in creativity. I'm unsure yet how I want the server to look like precisely, but honestly I feel like I wanna do a huge tweak. So that when people in for the first time they are gonna be like " wait... how does this work" and this will not because they will be confused, like when some first opened ToP2. Idk what feeling you had when you first visited the bosses in DW1 or Dw2 but back in the i rem DW1 boss TILTED the fck out of me, and DW2 was fun, however i enjoyed them both ofc. A valiant effort has to put in by the developer, for people to actually really enjoy. Because it is not hard from what I have seen and experienced to create server, slap on a few NPCS, add some costume rates or something. Add bunch of appareals and call it a private server. But this cycle has been repeated since the first private server which was the GM server where everyone was GM. ( i forgot the name) unless that was not the first, but it was the one where people could not use street set if you were not an admin :P. However I'm not all knowing, so I'm also thinking of starting to ask around why certain players, actually Play ToP and what they feel like could be done with the game and what they really enjoy. A massive factor that people play ToP is because they think the pvp is fun. However there is always someone left out because they are weak, and this is a MMO so there will be eventually somebody that will get slaughtered ofc. But in my mind there must be something that can be done, to change it, maybe expand the party system? What would happen if you removed stealth from the game. Of course there are limitations, to a certain degree. But right now, in my eyes tales of pirates is just nostalgia and behind that, its just garbage. I mean its fun to play around with, but I do feel like there is no other purpose in ToP besides slaughtering people. Hard servers add some purpose I mean you have the rebirth quest that is quite tough to do. However some people do not know how to become good in a hard server, where is it that they fall off, if its that they just find ToP mechanicly boring, then its one thing. But if they feel like they do not have any room to progress, or whatever progress they will make is in-relevant to what others have achieved already. Then here is a problem. Of course you can't serve stuff on a silver plater. But there is in all certain possibility to give pointers. Another thing that I do not like is that nobody has ever implemented a real life skill system. The commerce system has always been there, we also have the sea. However NOBODY has ever utilized the sea & the sea is a HUGEEEEE part of ToP. And from what I know there are also many people that come home from work, they do not feel like pressing tons of buttons but they would like to progress. Sea a perfect way to do that, or other lifeskills. Maybe remove Berry blueprint, sealed blue print etc. from the game, try to somehow make the crafting system a bit more exciting. Because for a developer it is very easy to say. Ah yes this is good, what im doing now is great. bla bla bla. However many players see stuff from very different perspectives. So research will be a huge factor in how I will have my server to look like. Lets say you are an FC crus, there could always be the possibility to add ways to craft a BoI. And the materials will be some costume made drops from FC. Maybe not all of them, however that way people will feel like. Okay i can hit 2 birds with 1 stone. This is just a pure example, but it would be a nice incentive instead of. Ok first i have to farm 300 stacks of BB. Then i have to open all that shit. Then look at every single BB. Throw away the ones that are wrong. And if your luck is shit you might not even get what you were looking for. Ofc with BB the chance of that is probaly slim but. you get the point. After you have your BB you go hunt that monster, that monster, that monster. I think some stuff require some wood so we get a lifeskill element there. However the process all in all. Is quite boring which is why most of the players use bots. to Skip this. Now lets say you would get BBPS by killing people. (this would ofc let the strong, become stronger however what if this happend in an area where people all had the same stat, some people would ofc complain this is unfair because of their hard work. Fair enough). So we scratch the BBP and lets say we give the scroll to craft ( forgot the name) the sword through a quest. Possibly a chain quest. Idk if somebody has researched on if you can spawn monsters through an quest trigger. But lets say the game will then send you to protect a place from a certain monster, you have to defeat the monsters comming in waves. Before they manage to destroy whatever ur trying to protect. (not sure if this can be done, however it should be totally possible, you would probaly just set the monster to aggro to the specified building, and the aggro priorirty for the player as nr 2). IF you pass this then you get blueprint! That will able you to craft the sword that you want. And tadaaaa, you have made the experience of a player different already. Because then if somebody asks him, "ye what were you doing yday" he can be like: "I actually, found this cool quest which gave me a BoI BP, however it is really hard would you mind comming and helping out?" this way you can also promote group play etc. Instead of "Yeah no, im Trying to get my hands on BoI its the 50th time" Now ofc there is some exaggeration here, and also we do not want to give away items to easily. However it could be a nice to change on how to actually obtain items. Instead of the traditional. Yeah go to the dungeon kill x thousand of mobs and you get it eventually. OR buy it from npc, player whatever. Ofc you can make a quest chain where at one place they have to protect on a second quest they will have to kill a boss etc. And also make it exclusive for a certain type of lvl only. ( to prevent abuse) Idk how that seems to people, and how people feel about questing. Some people hate it, there could also be other ways to do it. However that is one type of way, no idea if any server has tried something like this before though. At least i have not seen it, you could also spice this accurance with adding some custome sound. Make a suitable area etc. Lemme know if am actually talking out of my ass now, or if you agree to a certain point. I won't go and edit typos btw. As this reply has taken me way to much time to write. Hope you do not mind. I'm definetly going to start playing with the c++ though. At Uni we have coded a bit with Python, Ruby and a bit of Java to get us going. I would not call myself an expert in the field however I'm a quick learner Btw totally of topic I saw this recently, if the guy who created this is on this forum. Really big props to him, one of the stuff the developer community could aim for is to make ToP cross platform. That would be a huge step.
  6. PROGRESS: 20.11.2017 02:03AM - Brainstorming a rough sketch of how the server is gonna look like. Gonna continue later today. 20.11.2017 10:46PM - Discord created, some channels created in a hurry. CLeaning up the discord will be done soon. https://discord.gg/C6bHT8V Link to the discord. 22.11.2017 04:13PM - Server created, however the server files that were used were not clean 1.36 Files but with Wings of glory and all sort of stuff. Hello everyone, my name is Jan. I'm 22 years old, I live in norway and I'm studying programming ( first year). I began playing ToP in 2008 and I think I quit in around 2013. However, now that I have started to study programming, I want to work on a project, this project is to "Upgrade" PKO/TOP. I don't really have time to play as I wanna focus on studies/work, so in my free time I wanna do something constructive, aka. I do not wanna be a "consumer" I wanna be a creator. Hence I decided to open my own server. However I'm not naive enough thinking I can make the server on my own, at least not the kind of server that I want. Considering this post is quite long: 1. Release dates/Developement team General info on server. Gems/Mazes 2. Money making methods under construction. 3. TO DO LIST/GOALS (The order of things have nothing to say about the priority) 4. Conclusion 1............Release of the server is planned for March/February. ( Maybe a bit sooner depending on how prep work will go, i will keep people UPDATED). Alpha test will be done close to New years. I plan to have a Beta in Mid january. However we will record progress, and post videos on youtube etc. (This is because there is A LOOOT to be done, AND i do not plan to release a half assed server. People who are interessted to be Testers, or help with the developement feel free to contact me). There is no limit to how many developers/testers however if you want to be a developer you have to pull your weight, I want after all a team that will be able to solve all demands that are realistic. This will be a project to challange us, and invent new stuff as well. I want the server to have a "New, exciting feeling to it!, can't stress this ENOUGH. I have not decided yet which server files I want, this will be decided upon feedback on which ones are the best to use. As I want my game to look clean and respond well to tweaks, however as I'm sure some server files are easier to edit than others and that some are more secure unless all have the same bugs etc. My thoughts are to open a hard server with the rates. ( or at least make it so you do not get punished by being in a party THIS iS keep players away from solo play :p) 1.5 exp, 1.5 Party exp, 2 Fairy growth, 2 Ship, 1 Drop rate. The aim is to create a bit of a different vanilla kind of server. This server will be different from most servers in the terms of that I will not have any mundane money making methods. It will be grindy, however there will be multiple ways to progress. Not just the classic, NSS farm at smugglers, OSS, Crafting etc, farming sealed blue prints and so on. that everyone has been doing since 2008. The game I want to create is a server, where you do not need to grind for 8h everyday if you want to make steady progress(you can ofc if you wish)., or where you will be limited to mundane and extremely tedious money making methods, make money and have fun, playing should not feel like a job. However I'm gonna aim to satisfy the needs of HARDCORe players and casual ones. I'm gonna search for ways to limit players freedome a bit when it comes to how many clients they can open. I was thinking 4 MAX per player. There are some reasons for this. 1. It simply won't be needed, or at least I think so. 2. It will not be allowed, to prevent abuse. 3. I'm sure some smart asses will try to find ways to do so. 4. It will give me a nice reading of how many are active everyday, and not just biased numbers. Because if i have 20 people who each logg on 5 clients everyday then I see oh i got 100 players!!. But in reality there is only 20. Ofc that can be easily seen by logging on, but I do not want new people to feel tricked either by statistics on the website. I have not yet decided if I want hosting service, I have a pretty good computer and upload speed. However sometimes my download speed can be funky, altough I'm quite sure that upload matters most. Tests will be underdone for this, if there will be any lag during TEst period. This issue will be fixed by either Finding a trusted host or paying for one. Feedback here will be great. ---------Some general info Max lvl: 100 Gems: UG Lvl: 1-6 BD Gems Lvl 1-3 Cracked gems 1-6 Chipped gems 1-6 Normal gems. 1-9 Rebirth lvl 1. Mazes: CA, FC, DW. ( I might implement a CA 2 <-- info about this below) ( nothing too complicated). I might also add new ways to get certain items. Maybe create quest chains, for a certain item once you hit a certain lvl. Depending on player feedback during developement before release period. (However it would have to be difficult enough that you can't complete it with multiple accounts at once or have a certain lvl that is extremely hard to hit with duo or more clients). GEAR: Not decided yet what the best gear will be. 2..............Some of the money methods: Keep in mind that even with different money making methods this server will be HARD ( so no max gear in a week) However I want it to be FRESH. (I'm gonna update the list once i get more ideas. 1.I wanna take a look at sea commerce, see if some rates can be adjusted here and there. (If any player here has experience with commerce, and could provide me with some numbers what he feel is fair is nice, testing will be ofc done on this. ( As the concept seems pretty chill LISten to music and ship around goods) 2.Adjust and tweak the manu, cooking, crafting SYSTEM. ( to whichever extent can be done, make it a bit more exciting maybe make new manu recipes etc). 3.Guild payment system similar to BDO (under consideration) basically add Guild lvl, guild benefits, guild missions etc. 4. Clubs ( under consideration) because of what rewards to give. 5.Daiy kill quota of some monsters ( maybe add some daily quests) With rewards, my only fear is what can be abused or not. So this will take a lot of time preping. 6.Tradional OSS, NSS Farming ( maybe add some stuff in the drop list there) 7.For those who just love to AFK make it possible to do so, and still get some chump change here and there. Revamp fortune tree, limit it. Also make metorite give something maybe add new types of stuff that can be farmed like this, and make them drop a certain item or something. 8. Weekly events: However nothing to massive. I also want to create a server where it is possible to Progress little by little everyday by either being semi active, or playing for a couple of hours everyday. As everyone has a life, and everyone has stuff to do in real life, yet everybody wants to enjoy playing. This will be a challenge but i will come up with something so that casual players will feel a sense of progress, but at the same time, i will be careful to not let hard work by dedicated players go to waste either. my thoughts are add some daily quests, or some stuff that amount to X amount of progress, once you pass that what you wanna do is up to you. But if you feel like doing stuff for 8h you should be allowed to do that. If you just wanna finish daily quests and logg off, that should be an option too. As I'm quite sure that the hours somebody can be active everyday will vary, day to day. This is also a server where Player feedback will be extremely important, and I hope to create a community where everyone feels welcome, they feel like they belong, and that they are HEARD. I also want players to feel that they relax here, and have fun. Hence the server will focus heavily on player feedback however, ultimate decisions are made by the team. I will handpick a few players that I see are serious, and also ask them about opinions as well as staff, I will also recruit a few people that are gonna check on the server DAILY as well as myself. The plan here is that there is always gonna be a GM online everyday that is Semi active for a few hours or avaible through discord. There will also be a Reveiw option in place either in Discord or at the website, where people can leave reveiws/feedback. However no raging or crying will be acceptable. I also want to make a group in place that if somebody feels like quiting or giving up at least have a talk and tell us why, because if it is that you are simply sick of ToP and you just don't wanna play the game anymore. Then I guess there is nothing we can do. But if it is some of the reasons below: - You do not feel like you have any friends in game, or a group where you belong. - You do not feel like you make any progress, in that case why? - You are sick of the features we have, if so, do you have any suggestions on what we can do different that is realistic? - Or any other reason that we can help you with then please, tell us. Of course that being said, we will not HOLD your hand, and feed you with a spoon. But we can always talk, see if we can sort the problem out. I stress this because, bringing in new people is important however making people stay and actually enjoying the game is even more important. Because if the server closes because of bad management then everything was for nothing. I hope some players will make "new player" friendly guilds so that they feel like a place where they belong as well, players that do will surely get one benefit or other but nothing too major. (under consideration) Maybe a special appareal? or some special wings. etc.r ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 3.....................TO DO LIST: Daily reward: A daily incentive, HOWEVER <-- I'm not stupid and I know players will most likely abuse this with multiple accounts. So do not count it on being anything great but a little incentive to logg on everyday. Class balance: Class balance will be implemented to a degree, and according to how the state of the game is. However that being said, crusader is a class that is OP by desgin. There will be discussions with the team, about it, and what can be done. *Revamp the story quest system. ( Main story will be a tutorial from lvl 1-40, whcih some rewards, nothing to major). It is your choice if you want to rush lvls, or actually complete it. (when I say revamp i mean tweak some of the quests, and other fantastic ideas i get when i start working with this) *Change values of some items (Most people like to just chill, and kill monsters. THis is why I'm gonna think about which loot drops, I will change the value on to sell for a better price). (example: make the books from smuggler sell for 180 instead of 90 <- PURE EXAMPLE. Put DS, FC portals closer to the Main cities. (but still at sea) THere is no point in missing out on game time because you have to sail for 5min. STill need a boat though in case some people wanna enjoy sea battles. Costume quests where you kill bosses or do other stuff for rewards. Skin tweak - Get logo on inventory, let people choose between White or black in the client. Secure the server, FIX bugs. Create a website, logo, come up with a name. Come up with money methods, that I feel are rewarding however, not too easy, but at the same time they do not feel pointless or overly repetetive. However the game is about grinding. So do not expect anything out of this world. But at the same time, give player a huge variety of ways to actually make their money so they can change stuff up! UPDATE graphics, revamp maps, nothing too extreme. But make generally just stuff look better. The game needs to feel fresh. As I'm quite sure 90% of the playerbase is WAAAAAAAAAY. To used to the standard modell, I was thinking maybe we could change Ascaron as its the main city to seasons of the year. Get some snow effect, snow on the ground. SNow trees. When spring arrives,do some stuff. Change some buildings, change some scenary around. In the long run try to upgrade the game overall, A HUGE project but if stuff go well, and the demand will be there this would be a great feat to do! However at the same time the map and everything else is supposed to look clean and fresh <3 *Implement a donation system. THE GAME IS NOT GOING TO BE P2W HOWEVEr, there will be either a "mall" or a donation system to support the game. However nothing that will be in the mall is going to give you a clear advantage but it might be exclusive appareals, etc. THe money is going to go to upkeep of the server or game developement. server upkeep cost depending on what is needed. I hope that people will understand this, AND please note that im not here to make money, i have a job. However this will be a lot of work, not just by me but by other people. *Implement a AUTo path system (unless there is one in client) ( Under consideration considering people can abuse this for commerce if it becomes a viable way.) *Implement some sort of GUILD BANK I saw the chinese people have made mounts, maybe create something similar, at least make something that will let you roam faster around map HOWEVER, disable it in maps where PK is allowed. Find a way to implement clubs, decide the rewards for it and requirments etc., Add Hexa: Every week or every other week. See if we can combine some stuff to create a new class, or new MANU items. Or maybe a class that will use manu items as skills? I envisioned a spear class. I'm sure there are some skills/ action in the game that you can tweak, there won't be a new character modell though. However it is possible to edit values on one of the exisitng classes at if i remember correctly there are some classes that can't be changed into unless ur a GM. So make a classchanger for the specified class. I't wont be anything majooooor though. But i got a Rough idea of what skills to use. (discussions will be with the developement team) ( A person who has played around a lot with character actions and edited character animations would be great here) Edit glow, maybe some people wanna be extra stylish. Add as many appareals as possible. JUst overflow the god damn shiiit. Make some appareals exclusive or make all avaible to players will be discussed with the team.¨ Make some of them available through quests, or other ways. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- A map for a second CA will be running as well, this will be the OLD CA with I wanna secure, for those who do not know, a loooong time ago in CA you could not speak freely, and you could not see who is who. It was truly a FREE for all. If somebody wants to be lame and use discord etc, to form "hidden teams" that is up to them. However it will then defeat the purpose. As the purpose here is truly a FREE for all. SO my thoughts are that this will need some work as well, depends how this is also received. Ofc it won't be as often as CA and rewards, well I guess i shall see. However it might just be a new game mode so people simply can have fun and slaughter each other meaninglessly. To see who is the best (possibly I will disable the stealth skill in this area) --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Please keep in mind that this is a ROUGH sketch of how I want the server to look like and nothing is set in STONE. depending on feedback, some things might change. Team: I need someone who is good with designs. To create a logo, and design the webpage. If not I will have to hire one or pay for someone's services. A code/coders that is/are familiar with the game and has some knowledge. I'm still learning stuff so someone patient who could also answer questions etc, would be nice. Programmers that wanna challenge themselvs and implement new features, or graphic designers that wanna remodell appareals, or implement new ones. are very welcome on the team! Conclusion: All being said, more changes and other stuff will be added. This is for now only brainstorming. Overall this will become a huge project, and will be something i will dedicate 2-4h on everyday starting thursday. ( I got a exam on thursday so gotta study!) I have no problems investing real money for any issues that will come up that will need an investment. A dicsord will be created soon for anyone who wishes to join. Where i will place people into groups, whatever they wanna be tester, coder, or work with map/graphics/appareals. ( I'm quite sure there was a tool to edit the map). Everyday after Thursday, in the developer section there will be reports. On what is gonna be done and what we will focus on. Pri one is to actually get a server we can work with though. (then get every coder, on similar server files so everybody is on the same page). If anyone wishes to advertise for the server that would be appreciated as well. There is obviously a lot of work to be done here, so all help will be appreciated. All critique that is serious will also be welcome. The sooner i know the stuff I do wrong the better. To finish it off I wanna say thank you to those who read the whole thing, for your time and wish you a nice day forward. Sincerly -Jan
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