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  1. Hey Could someone help me After a few hours the scripts in one of my gameservers just stops working Sometimes its after 5 hours, sometimes after 9 hours When I restart the server it comes right, but then it crashes again Does someone know why this could be happening
  2. Welcome To Pandora Online! Tired Of The Same Old Crusader And SS Dominated Servers? Do You Like Boss PK? Then We Have Good News For You! Join Pandora Online, Where Classes (Often Ignored) Such As Voyager And Cleric Are Just As Useful And Fun. This Version Is Slightly Tweaked, With New Class Flexibility, And New Equipment And Gem Progression, With Less Grind And More PK! Note: Server will be opening later today (July 31st) Website: http://pandoraonline.co/ Discord: https://discord.gg/SKBAAsc Server Rates Max Character Level: 100 (Instant) 10x Drop-rate Max Pet Level: 41 / 62 With Improved Fruits 400x Fairy-growth Max Stats: 100/120 For Spr New & Improved Features New And Improved Balances & Class Improvements E.G. Voyagers Algae Skill On Land, Magic Classes Have Increased Damage On Mobs Gem Of Striking Can Now Be Forged Into Weapons New Classes And Class Flexibility - E.G. Lance Seal Master & Cleric | Carsise Voy & SS | Ami Crus! Pets With Improved Fruit System Brand New Pets; Charmander Dragon - Goku - Super Sonic + More Brand New Apparels; Titled Necklaces, Shield Sword Apparels, Unique Apparels New Equipment+Necklaces Upgrade And Unseal System/New Maps/Improved Old Maps/New Home Map New Bosses Rebirth 1 Quests New Forging Abilities E.G: Apparel Unfusion, Instant 110% Fusion Chathandle System E.G. Typing "/tele arg" Ingame Will Teleport You To Argent City So, What Is Pandora Online All About? Pandora Online combines both PVP and PVE, with classic and new PK maps, and PK bossing. Our private server is based on bossing with and against other players and guilds in order to get the best equipment and gems. Pandora Online is not about one class ruling all, with our aim to keep all classes balanced, useful and important. There have also been a few additions to classes such as class flexibility (Ami Crusader, Carsise Voyager and Lance Sealmaster), as well as increased mob damage from magic classes, Voyager algae skill now works on land, and even more. To find out more, join our discord. New & Improved Maps -Pandora City: Home Map -PK Map -FC/DS/DW: - Mobs: Ref gems - Chests: Ugems, Chipped Gems - Bosses: Improved Fruits, Kals, Manu Packs + More -Chaos Argent: - Chests: Ugems/Random Chipped Gems - BD Mobs: Ugems, BD Gems -Bounty Hunter: - Mobs: Adv Gems/Hat Gems -Chaos Icicle: - Chests: Chipped gems/Ugems -Capture The Flag - Pure PK -Abba 10: - Bosses: Sealed 85 Rings, Deity Scrolls, Azrael Gems -Aurora Area & Dark Area: - Bosses: Azrael Gems, Lv100 Berry Equipment Fragments, Deity Scrolls -Valley of Death: Coming Soon -Sea PK: Coming Soon -Ruin Tower: Coming Soon
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