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  1. Hello, I need help with Magic Class Damage in Chaos Argent. When Magic classes (SM/VOY/CLer) Uses their skills inside CA. The Damage is Very low. The damage on other maps is okay as I can adjust but in CA its very low. Where can I adjust or where to change the damage on it? Tried changing MagicDMG in skilleffect.lua but no luck
  2. Is there anyone know how to make pet poss give you all stats? Example is when I have a 85 str. When I poss it gives agi acc con spr 85 also?
  3. Where can I get or make or how to Limit guild members per guild? the gameserver limit on .cfg file does not work
  4. Hello I need help why my champ Blood Bull and primal rage is not working? im using pko 1.38 base files
  5. Thanks. I have done it. However when I am using a normal GS. Some npcs in maps they gives an error. These npc has quest into them. Could be a hook or serialize problem? or extension/
  6. Bump. Any ideas? Is there any .exe that are only limited and can only used by a specific IP? or maybe a DLL File?
  7. Hello Everyone, I recently opened a server in my VPS. Problem is whenever I login and use an item inside, ticket or anything it disconnect my character. I can talk, I can exchange in npc, I can buy but cannot use an item. I am using a regular character player and tried GM aswell not working. Does anybody know the problem?
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