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  1. if anyone can contact @Developer # 8153 in Discord, please tell him to write to my Discord @Illustrator0nyx # 8361 ... I think I minimally deserve a fair explanation, Or maybe I'm wrong and I don't deserve even that
  2. I understand, thank you very much, thank you for reading me, for answering me and for your time, I really appreciate it, sorry if I have disturbed the community
  3. Dear @Developer (PKO) Hello everyone, I have been permanently banned because of supposed RWT, since I have never done such a thing, I ask that it be publicly verified by deleting the personal data that may cause violation of identity rights (I give permission to reveal my personal data if it exists such thing against me), all that I have of income of money I have it through a bank account registered in the Japanese bank book (I live in Yokohama-JPN), I can show this data to corroborate that I actually only have income from my salary and the expenses I make are automatic payment of electricity / gas / water / internet / I can show that I get money from the ATM and I can show that I use that money for my support and to send money to my mother, I think it is all proof that I have to provide my innocence before an RWT of which I am a victim of fraud and therefore also a victim of an unjust permanent Ban on the PKO server, or I have had the opportunity to contact me n Devel oper to expose my case, and I am Ban from PKO discord, I created new discord accounts trying to contact Developer but I was also Ban, I have no more emails to create and try to contact Developer, I ask that you please verify that I really have not made RWT and that I am unfairly accused, I have followed the server's rules through mistakes and I have learned in the process because my English is not good at all, but RWT I have never committed it, I was a victim of Scamm, an Admin told me that because of Scamm it is not possible for the Admins to do anything, since the Admins do not give special treatment to any player and that I must get the items by my own hand, that this is in the hands from each player, ... since February I tried to get my items back by my own hands according to the Admin's suggestion, I have learned and suffered a lot along the way, when the person who stole my items gave me access to his account on the 12th / 08/2021 because I lied to him that I would send him a PC and money, and i steal him everything to get my items back (the person who stole me has not had access to any of my accounts since February when he stole me) ... As I understand it, the person who stole from me said to admin he did RWT after i scamm him back ... but since February he has not had access to my accnts The position of the Admin that Ban gave me is that I did RWT because the thief gave him proof that I did RWT ... it is those proof that I ask to be publicly exposed by censoring information that compromises the people involved and the server (because Admin said me he cant show me personal info from other players and im agree with that), If it is my information and I am involved, as a punishment to myself I give permission to expose myself, because I have never done such a thing for RWT Please, I ask @Developer (PKO) for understanding and review about this case, I apologize to the community for bringing this case to this place, I ask that I be given reasonable help just like any other player (please excuse my English, it's all translated with Google Translate)
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