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Experience graph (TOP 2)

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I've had to go brainstorm on a formula for the experience table, and just happen to have to graph the current one available, so might as well publish it here (also my guide on top forums disappeared):




x1 = Level.

y1 = Total experience at the start of the level.

z1 = Amount of current level experience to get to next level.


y1 is the equivalent on what's shown at character_lvup.txt file, except at lvl 81 and above, the z1 is multiplied by 50, to come up with the total for next level.


The 2 formulas afterwards determine the closest simple curve (just 1 x to a power) compared to regular experience table. The "residual" (or the difference between approximated curve and the table) can be plotted to show which levels will get harder or easier to level.


These approximate functions can't be used directly to build the table - the maximum number needs to fit unsigned 32 bit bounds (4,294,967,295 or (2^32)-1). So you would have to divide the exp by a value - which ends up being the minimum experience per kill. It shouldn't do like top (mutiply by 50 after lvl 80 - which was a stop gap), because either level jumps will happen (on bad code) or the code will bottleneck one of the most important parts of the game (on good code). I've done my calculations and the minimum experience per kill is about 300, but that would mobs that give at most 300 exp per kill (all mobs until lvl 22) give nothing instead, and would also create a level jump between lvl 1 and 8 without experience boosting. The advantage, though, is that it completely erradicates any kind of level jump afterwards - and exp code is much much simpler.

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