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Found 3 results

  1. Tempest Pirates Online (Soon to Open!!) Discord https://discord.gg/QJb5w7R Facebook Group :https://www.facebook.com/groups/tempestpiratesonline/ Facebook Page : https://www.facebook.com/TempestPiratesOnline Server Info: Max Level : Lv120 Instant Lv45-Lv55-Lv120 Instant Job Change Max Fairy Level : Lv60 Solo Exp : 25x Part Exp : 35x Ship Exp : 15x Drop Rate : 10x Fairy-Growth, according to fairy level: - Lv01-20 = 300x - Lv11-15 = 250x - Lv16-20 = 200x - Lv21-25 = 150x - Lv26-30 = 100x - Lv31-60 = 50x For Starter you will be able to get Corporeal Kylin Chest Tempest Pirates Equipement: Best Set : Tempest Set (Equitable Lv45) 2nd Best Set : Corporeal Set (Equitable Lv10) Tempest Weapons:(Equitable Lv10) Tempest Hammer Tempest Sword Tempest Gun Tempest Bow Tempest Dagger Tempest Seal Tempest Heal Available Maps: Main City - Fantasy Town ( Sub City :Old Fantasy City ) Dream Island Forgotten Island Region of Demons Aurora Area 1-2 Dark Area 1-2 Winter Island Black Dragon Lair Mazes : Hidden Camp Forsaken City Dark Swamp Chaos Argent Chaos FFA Demonic World 1-2 Demonic FFA King of The Hill (Lv45-Lv55) Catch The Flag Gems Available In Game: -Normal Gems - Broken Gems - Cracked Gems - Chipped Gems - Unique Gems - Advanced Gems - Black Dragon Gems - Refining Gem - Azz Gems (Boss)
  2. Hello Community! Reborn Tales Online is a Medium PvP/PvE Tales of Pirates prvate server that offers different ways to enjoy the game in an authentic way but also with a modern touch to it, our server offers several features that ensure an enjoyable gameplay to players. Links: Discord Server: https://discord.gg/FWqwzfQ Facebook Page: https://web.facebook.com/RebornTalesOnline/ Facebook Group: https://web.facebook.com/groups/1816245825282139/ Server Information: The server is still under development -Max Level: 100 (Non instant, increases by time) -Max Pet Level: 60 -7x Solo EXP Rate -9x Party EXP Rate -Custom Drop Rate in mobs -400x Fairy Growth Rate -Custom Features -Custom Apparels -Mounts System & much more! Available Maps -Chaos Argent (Remade) -Chaos Icicle(A map where specific stats are given to players) -Demonic World(1-2) -Dark Swamp -Forsaken City -Dark Aurora -Light Aurora -Mordor (Available in the future) -Rivendale (Available in the future) -Snowy Hill (Available in the future) -Kings Battleground (Available in the future) + Dungeons!! Farming Information: -Items are obtained through PvP and PvP farming, which means that Money + other items gathered from Monsters and Bosses + Winning/Farming in PK maps can help you to become stronger in game. More Information to be posted later!
  3. Forsaken Pirates Online (New Management) If you need support please speak to me, I speak Spanish, English and Portuguese We are currently on our CBT until July 31. If you want to participate you can use the links before Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/forsaken.po Discord: https://discord.gg/ynKmwrT Website: https://forsakenpirates.online Server Rates: Max Level: 120 Pet Level: 42 Solo Exp: 3.5x Team Exp: 4.5x Drop Rate: 8.0x Ship Exp: 5.0x Main Cities: Argent City Icicle City Shaitan City Dungeon Maps: Battle Arena Prison Island Forsaken City Dark Swamp Demonic World Chaos Argent Guild War Arena New Dungeons to be Discovered Features: Offline Stall (Activates by simply closing the game) Fishing System New Wings, Apparels, Equipments and Weapons Jackpot Machine Daily Rewards NPC Drawing Competition Non-Extravagant Equipments Fairy Balance Non-Equipments ItemMall Phillips can now use dual swords New Skills Custom Features: Credits to Reputation NPC - Convert your available reputations to credit points for you to exchange something from the Award Center Monster Information & Drops Viewer - While hovering the monster you can see two buttons that can show you the information about the monster Amplifier System - Used amplifiers will not disappear upon disconnecting the server and will continue when going back online. Timer notification will appear every 5 minutes to remind you of your remaining state time Item Rarity - Upon collecting loots from monsters or opening a chest for equipment will give you a chance to obtain rare equipment Collecting a set of unseal equipment (armor, gloves, & boots) will grant you 25% more of drop rate Lock your experience anytime to avoid leveling up to being disqualified in mazes Improved New Sheepskin Scroll rewards Daily quests for golds More features will be added soon...
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