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Found 2 results

  1. Redemption Online

    Redemption Online - Official

    Ahoy Pirates! We would like to announce that we finally made it out to official! Redemption Online [Server Information] [Medium-Hard] [Level Cap]: 90 [Gems Cap]: 5 [Fairy Cap]: 41 [Solo Exp Rate]: 2x [Party Exp Rate]: 4x [Fairy Exp Rate]: 10x [Ship Exp Rate]: 10x [Drop Rate]: 2x [Leveling] Game system provide enough equipment until level 55 to help you to get level up solo or in-party. [Gems] [Refining]: Can be obtained by killing mobs of Forsaken City - Dark Swamp - Demonic World - Bosses. [Normal]: Demonic World - Demonic World 2 mobs - All Normal gems stat bonus are buffed. [Broken]: Forsaken City - Dark Swamp mobs. [Cracked-Chipped]: Forsaken City - Dark Swamp - Demonic World chests - Bosses - Land Fishing. [Jades]: Can be obtained by Bosses. [Rock]: Forsaken City - Dark Swamp - Demonic World chests - Bosses. [Unique]: Can be obtained by solving Sheepskin Scroll - Mazes - Dungeons - Bosses. [Advanced]: Can be obtained by Bosses. [Current Mazes] [Forsaken City] - [Dark Swamp] - [Demonic World]: Every 4 hours. [Chaos Argent]: Every 6 hours. [Nightmare Chaos Icicle]: Every 12 hours. It's a blind PK map where you can't see your opponents names - items or the buffs they got and it cannot be tweaked on client side like top2. [Guild System] Here's a sneak peak of the Guild System: || [Guild Bank] Here you can keep your items and share it with guild members with Guild Vault's access. [Guild Attributes] Now you can get yourself some stat points by leveling up your guild! You can level up your guild by doing the quests which randomly shows up on Quest tab and of course by killing bosses! Killing bosses gives you real huge exp! [Guild Emblem and Color] Now you can customize your guild color and make your special emblem. [Guild Permissions] Now you can give roles to your guild members and make more than a leader as well. [Guild House]: You can fully customize it with more than 32 objects. [New Equipment and Apparel Forms] Now you can wear Wings - Pets - Cloak - Swings - Apparels in a separated slot. || [Apparel Form contains] Pet Apparel - Head - Face - Chest - Gloves - Boots - Glow - Dagger - Staff - Bow - Gun - 1Handed Sword - 2Handed Sword - Shield [New Effects System] Now you can keep all your buffs and items effect that you used to lose due to disconnect, teleport or any reason but death. You can now check the buffs and items that your opponent have just by hovering with your mouse on your opponent character. You can now check the buffs and items that your opponent have just by hovering with your mouse on your opponent character. [New Game Setting] Now you can just take off apparels of all players just by changing Apparel value Show To Hide on the Game Setting form. Now you can just take off all the game effects just by changing Effects value Show to Hide. Those 2 values are so important if you're playing on a low computer by changing the value to Hide game performance will be increased. If you're bothered by the buffs and effect state below the hp bar of you or your opponents you can just turn it off by changing the value of State Icon Show to Hide. [Nightmare Demonic Helmet] Nightmare Demonic Helm works as charm with upgrade system and ranks next to your name. [New Stall System] Now you can simply search for the item you want to buy in all the stalls settled in the game. || Now you can open a stall with your item to be sold for gold or to be exchanged with another item of your choose! || [Gold] || [Item] || [New Inventory System] || [New Gold System] No need for million dollar notes anymore! Now you can just turn your gold by one click in your inventory to an item! || || [New Sorting System] Now you can simply sort your inventory by one click [New Items Lock System] Now you can simply lock your items anytime you want and none will be able to unlock it unless he knows your account pin. || || || [Credits Goes For] [Community Links] Website Discord Facebook Youtube Have a nice day, cya in game.
  2. Hi all, We are running a new, upcoming subreddit for MMO Private Servers. Advertisements are all manually approved by staff members of the subreddit. We would like to give you the opportunity of advertising here, or as a potential player give you the opportunity to find new servers and discuss existing ones you've played. The MMOServers subreddit gives you the chance to advertise your server, answer questions potential/ existing players may have and allows users to discuss your server, rate it (upvote to keep it near the top) and help other potential players who are thinking about joining too. You can post updates to your server there, people can post their own videos advertising your server there for a small reward etc. A top tip is to interact with the community to show you're active, it goes a long way. This basically just gives you more attraction and hopefully you'll find some new additions to your existing player base. As a player and not a server owner, it gives you the opportunity to find new servers, maybe trying a new game a long the way. It's essentially a server advertisement board. We already have interest from one of the biggest MMO Private Servers, WoW-Mania as well as a few other game servers. The subreddit is currently in development phase still but you can take a look (a small preview) - http://reddit.com/r/mmoservers You can currently subscribe there to follow the development, for when we release and allow all server owners to post once we manually approve all of them. This service is completely free, we're just giving you the opportunity to get your server out there! If this interests you or you have any questions about the free service we offer, let me know here or by private message and I'll answer any questions you may have. Andy MMOServers. PS. Spoke to @V3ct0r to ask for his approval before posting this, in case you were wondering.