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  1. Battle of Pirates Online

    Battle of Pirates Online [Official - 12/06/2019]

    - NEW Updates / Changes - 1). Fixed 100% Forge / Combine Fruits (Whoever has 100% Forge/Combine before this Update, pm me to exchange to new ones)! 2). Allowed Party inside Chaos Argent! 3). Added Better Chance to get Azrael's Aggregation from Azrael Chest! 4). Added Strengthening Gem from FC / DS Bosses (Allows you to upgrade your equipments from 110% to 120%)! 5). Added Demonic World 3 & 4 (Seridun, Devil's Servant & Demonic Pirate - Kuma can be found there)! 6). Decreased abit of Barborosa's Boss HP! 7). More Fishing Spots have been added! 8). PvP Item Pack now gives 20x of each Items! 9). LB Items are corrected (NPC gives the right ones)! 10). Increased abit of Sharpshooter base Attack Speed! 11). Sharpshooter - Rousing Skill has been Upgraded (Gives more Attack Speed)! 12). Champion - Primal Rage Skill is fixed (Can be used with Furys)! 13). Increase Base Stats of SPR to 130 (All others = 120)! 14). Attack Speed Limit is Fixed (You no longer will have your Attack Speed Capped)! 15). Black Dragon Boss Drops has been fixed! Join us now at: WEBSITE
  2. Battle of Pirates Online

    Battle of Pirates Online [Official - 12/06/2019]

    - Battle of Pirates Online - We launched Official after we had a week of BETA! Server is about PK / PvE / Boss / Farm! You will get free equipments, the only thing you need to do is Farm Gems & Grades to Improve your Equipment Stats! By Grades we mean: Everyone gets Free Equipments which you don't need to Change every time, you are allowed only to Upgrade their Stats and Farm Gems, soo once you get +27 you no longer need gems so all you need is Upgrades! More Upgrades on ur Equipments = Stronger you get! Upgrades are available by Bosses / PK Maps / Fishing (Custom Function) etc.. Automated NPC Events! Weekly Events! VIP System: Only by Donate! Allows you to use alot of in-game commands! You can view the whole commands using: /cmds Rates: 20x Exp 25x Party Exp 20x Drop Rate 7000x Growth Max Level: 150 Max Pet Level: 150 ( Free Pets & Fruits til Lv 101, others = farmable ) And many more custom stuff that you can see once after playing! Join us now: -> WEBSITE <- Discord: -> Discord <-