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Copyright and public license

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Copyright and public license


Hello friends,


I would like to raise the problem of authorship. In our community, unfortunately, there are cases of violation of member copyrights, which are expressed in the following points:

1. Copying materials (articles/guides, source code, scripts, programs, etc.) without credits or reference to the author;

2. Appropriation of other people's materials and developments, false authorship;

3. Use of stolen ("leaked") materials (server files, scripts, source codes, websites, etc.) for selfish/commercial purposes.


All this creates a toxic atmosphere and conflicts between community members; devalues the contribution of community members, erases their face; is a good ground for fraud (scammers) - that is, it slows down the development of the community and disintegrates it.


To counteract this and respect the contributions of everyone in the community, I suggest that the following principles be adhered to by default unless explicitly stated:


0) The right to control copying (copyright) and the right of authorship belong to the person who created the materials in the course of his intellectual activity. Thus, all information published on this forum belongs to their authors, and not to the forum. Authors independently decide where to publish their materials;


1) When copying materials from one Internet resource to another, indicate: a) The name (nickname) of the author; b) Web link (url) to original materials; c) Author’s contacts (if available). If the author of the materials you want to copy is an active member of the community, then it would be good form to ask his permission to copy;


2) When publishing materials, by default use the free GPLv3 license, which allows:

  • Use other people's materials (including for commercial purposes);
  • See their source code (if possible, in the case of binary files);
  • Copy them (in accordance with point 1);
  • Make changes and improve them (contribution to development).


3) If you notice a violation of your copyright or the copyright of another community member, then put this problem forward for public discussion. Don't let offend your fellow community members.



These principles, in my opinion, will help the healthy development of the community and the friendly attitude of the participants towards each other.


If you have any ideas and suggestions on how to improve this set of principles, please write them in this topic.


Thank you for attention!

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Hello @wolfenx,


Do you mean translating this article into Spanish? Unfortunately, I don't know Spanish and don't want to use Google Translate.

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