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Setting up Kyjj

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Hey guys,

My experience in top started with the private server Dungeon sea online.
There i've experienced Kyjj, and i wanna start this into my own server. 

Finally i got the maps ready. I only cannot get a portal strangly to it.  I want it to open like Chaos argent would, but no luck until today.
Most of the games who had Kyjj, also had an npc who teleported to Kyjj.

I also dont mind to have a NPC for teleportation, but is it then still possible to make a chest drop on a specifik time? Like it would be online every hour, but evertime the clock ticks XX:15 there spawns a boss?

- Ivy

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I think, based on FC/DS spawn code, you need to ensure all this setting is actually there and change appropriately.


First, in KYJJ ctrl.lua, you can adapt this code.

print( "Loading KJJJ Ctrl.lua" )

function config(map)
    MapCanSavePos(map, 0)		-- 1 = Allow players to save respaw // 0 = Do not allow players to save respaw
    MapCanPK(map, 1)			-- 1 = Turns on PK Mouse Sword Icon // 0 = Turns off PK Mouse Sword Icon ( Need to press CTRL key )
    MapCopyNum(map, 1)			-- 1 Copy of the map will be generated by GameServer
    SingleMapCopyPlyNum(map, 300)	-- 300 Players are allowed to enter the map
    MapCanTeam(map , 1)			-- 1 = Allow players to create party // 0 = Do not allow players to create party
    MapType ( map , 4 )			-- 0 = PvP Off // 1 = PvP Off // 2 = PvP On ( Not allowed to kill Guild and Party Mates ) // 3 = PvP On ( Allowed to kill any player but not Party Mates ) // 4 = PvP On ( Not allowed to kill Guild and Party Mates )        

function get_map_entry_pos_abandonedcity() -- change into kyjj map name e.g: function get_map_entry_pos_kyjj()

	local POS_X=819		--put X and Y coordinate respectively based on the map you want the portal to be open
	local POS_Y=3659
	return POS_X , POS_Y


function init_entry(map) -- specify the location of the map you want the coordinate above to open
    SetMapEntryMapName(map, "magicsea")
    SetMapEntryTime(map, "2008/8/30/0/0", "0/3/0", "0/1/0", "0/2/0")	-- The first set of numbers is the starting point (Year/Month/Day/Hour/Minute), next is opening interval (Day/Hour/Minute), portal open duration (Day/Hour/Minute), and last is the map duration (Day/Hour/Minute)


For KYJJ entry.lua


function config_entry(entry) 
    SetMapEntryEntiID(entry, 193,1)


The most important code you need to change is that, copy those number 193,1 if you want your portal to be on land.


AddBirthPoint("map full name", "map name", XX,YY) -- spawn coordinate inside the targetted map

Lastly input a new point in resource>Script>calculate>birth_conf.lua

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