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Character stuck in map after log out

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Hi, I have the following issue if anyone would be able to assist. Just couldn't figure out what I broke:


So character A goes into a map (ie. Chaos Argent or any other map) and log off/switch character in the map. After this I am unable to log back into the same character A until I restart my GS.

However, in the same account, I was able to log into character B. Using the goto GM function, I was able to teleport myself to character A. it appears that as and when I log off character A, a clone is being created and disabling me to log back into character A.


I tried to retrace my steps and revert the edits I was doing in file (mainly on adding NPCs etc - non complex stuff), however was unable to resolve. This has never happened previously. If anyone has encountered same issue and be able to help, or give a lil pointer.




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