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HeadShot skill

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Hello, there is a problem as shown in the picture...when learning HeadShot skill, open the window, press different skills together with HeadShot skill and upgrade the HeadShot skill to Sharpshooter, can you solve this problem?


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This seems to be a bug from CEGUI itself, it seems to be failing an assertion on line 71 but since I have no idea what version of CEGUI was used it won't be the same as the current one.

Singleton( void )
    assert( !ms_Singleton ); //either here
    ms_Singleton = static_cast<T*>(this);

virtual ~Singleton( void )
{  assert( ms_Singleton );  ms_Singleton = 0;  } //or here

static T& getSingleton( void )
{  assert( ms_Singleton );  return ( *ms_Singleton );  }  //or here

This could be because it's not null when creating the singleton, is null when destroying or null when getting the singleton but unfortunately that error message doesn't have anything to do with top itself so its hard to say where in top sources the problem is, maybe see if any other logs have some info?

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