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🟠Tales of Pirates (Summer Isle) Coming Soon!

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New server of tales of pirates Coming soon. 
Me and my team working on Classic Project medium  server.

For more details about my project join the discord server below:


Server Rates:
SERVER RATES:Max Level: 80
Solo-exp: 2x
Party-exp: 5x
Drop-rate: 1x
Fairy-growth: 50x
Ship-exp: 5x
Max Pet-Level: 42

Demonic World
Chaos Argent
Forsaken City
Dark Swamp
Argent City
Icicle City
Shaitan City

Server Features:
-Medium Server
-Vanilla way to Level up
-Balanced Server
-Excellent protection (anti DDos, anti Dupe)
-Ingame Currency (imps) can be obtained in all mobs
-Reputation can be obtain in dw, ds, fc mobs -Jackpot Machine NPC
-Reputation Exchaner NPC
-Legendary tree of fortune (Edited Fortune Packet drops)
-Black Market NPC -Class Job Changer NPC (Same npc where you get your class Promotion)
-Fair Market NPC -Unseal NPC (Uns 45-55)
-Apparel NPC (East Argent)
-New Field Bosses that gives money notes
-Offline Stall(can be use to level your pet while offline)



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