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[Update v171]

Web : https://www.rmpo.net/mapko/

> Changed Donatebox drops:
50-100x Lv2 | 10-20x 1Mil | 200-300x Lv1 | 1-3x Tower Elixir | 50-100x Lookism | 1-3x [GMR] Tower Gift | 1-3x MSF Scroll | 5x GMR Bracelet | 10x Bracelet Stone | 10x 1Mil note

> Changed common and rare drops in leaf npc:
NORMAL: 3x GMR Bracelets | 3x Bracelet Stones | 5x MSF Scroll | 2x Tower Elixir | 2x GMR Tower Gift | 3x LMR Tower Gift RARE: 12x GMR Bracelets | 8x Bracelet Stones | 8x Tower Elixir | 4x GMR Tower Gift | 20x LMR Tower Gift

> Reduced cost of failure with refine Tower/Bracelets to half

> Removed Cloak gems lvl 1

> Removed MF drops and replaced with following SMF(Super Mapko Frags)
- WorldBoss => 1500 SMF
- Dw Boss => 1500 SMF
- FC Boss => 500 SMF
- FC MiniBoss and chest => 200 SMF
- FC mobs chance to drop 25 SMF
- Dw chest => 100 SMF

> Added Rare lets drop (R and E) to certain bosses
- World Boss drop 5% chance of each letter
- DW Boss drop 1% chance of each letter
- FC Boss drop 0.5% chance of each letter

> Battlepower now matter for every 10k difference you get bonus dmg and def by 2.5% overall dmg

> Event npc updated with Halloween Npc and Event items as well

> Added new quests for pirates banner where you can collect gold with them there is 3 quests with different difficulties

> Fixed other minor bugs




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Update v172

> Added new system (Bracelet Sockets and gems where you can forge 3 type of gems in 3 sockets

> Added new Lucky Charm scroll the scroll will increase fuse chance on Bracelet,Tower and other types in future

> Added new system Crown King in Chaos maps where you can get better rewards by killing others(losing score if you die)

> Added new Ring (Halloween Ring currently can be obtained from Limited Shop and PVP Crown King Top Gift)

> Added New Legendary Event Chest where it have awesome gifts from common items to apparels

> Christmas Deers is here enjoy a timed gift

75% chance to get 5-25 1Mil Gold

30% chance to get 1-5 Bracelet Gemstone

else 1x Legendary Gift Box

> Added CA2 For newbies with Balanced states and power calculations enjoy the classic pk while farming(the only down is the low states/rewards are lower by 50% less than Floor 1)

> Fixed other minor bugs


PVP Crown King

* Player kill others and obtain +1 score

* You can obtain 1 Score only from each player

* Dying reset the score and killed list

* Total Kill Max Gift is 8

(Rewards based on the total score at the end of Chaos)

1-2 Score Normal Gift : 1-2 Random Bracelet GemStone

+3 Score Grand Gift : (1-2 * (Total Kills/2)) Random Bracelet GemStone

(Random Gift)

+3 Score Can get by 40% Chance Random Bracelet GemStone (5*Total Kills)

+4 Score Can get by 30% Chance Bracelet Stone (3-5 + (Total Kills))

+5 Score Can get by 25% Chance GMR Tower Gift (1 + (Total Kills/4))

+5 Score Can get by 20% Chance Tower Elixir (1 + (Total Kills/4))

+6 Score Can get by 10% Chance (1x) Lucky Charm Scroll

+6 Score Can get by 10% Chance Dungeon Keys (2 * Total Kills)

+8 Score Can get by 5% Chance (1x) Bracelet Socket Hammer

+10 Score Can get by 1% Chance (1x) [GMR]Halloween Ring

(Bonus Gold Gift)

If you didn't get reward from Random Gifts you will get :

10 + (2*Total Kills) 1Mil Gold


1 + Total Kills 1 Mil Gold

(Note Max kill apply on Total Kills)




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website: https://www.rmpo.net/mapko/

- Available for around 5D days

- Required to complete 2x Daily Vote in our vote page before redeem

- There a limited number of user who can redeem every code so hurry up

- You can redeem one code only of below:

F0sM3Q | 6 Vote Need | Available for 50 users only

GaZlai | 45 Vote Need | Available for 25 users only

TAtRKP | 115 Vote Need | Available for 3 users only





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