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Roto Games presents MaPKO a TOP/PKO server with tons of unique system features!

Newbie Catch-Up Quests, Player Commands, NPC Equipment Exchangers, Global Market System, New Unique Classes, Fast PK Balancing, Daily Events, Monthly Content Updates and more!

Max character level 130, Max pet level 200, Unique Reborn-Rebirth System, Unique Prayer, Rune and Hero Systems, Battle Power Rating System.

Newbie friendly server with active GMs and staff! Join now and start your MaPKO adventures!


Website : https://www.rmpo.net/mapko/

Discord : https://discord.gg/aTtQ6Ye

Facebook Page : https://www.facebook.com/rmapko























Website : https://www.rmpo.net/mapko/

Discord : https://discord.gg/aTtQ6Ye

Facebook Page : https://www.facebook.com/rmapko



Edited by Fisal Moha

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[Update v150]

Fixed Daily Quest

Added new apps to special app npc with pirate banner price

Added new APP Christmas in MAPKO APP

Reworked the States on equipment and systems lower states but same power like before

Added LMR Weapons and Rings

* You can get LMR Weapons from Essence collecting * You can get LMR Ring from Limited/Wish Wheel(Coming in around week)

After reworking States all classes are matter and do a better job than before

Please report any problem with the state rework and enjoy it

Added new Rune Ticket 5% success rate and 30% success rate the first in Lv2 Event Npc and the second in limited and wish

Other minor bug fix


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[Update v150.1]

Fixed Pirate Captain in Zephyr

Reduced defense from mobs in Kyjj a bit

Reduced defense from Reborn Mobs

Fixed Dream Mobs

Fixed world boss 1 shot

There is this boost buff for newbies under RB4 where they get boost on states only in argent and only before 4th rebirth

Added Pirate change to npc (sorry for not remember)

Fixed Forsaken city

BlackDragon CA/BH adjusted and fixed

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📢 Come join MAPKO an EPIC Game with amazing features


[Update v153]

> Fixed Fork APP (More Max)


> Add new Royal counter(we are going include Royalpass itself in site ASAP)

Note : check progress with /royal

Note : progress will follow quest instance

Note : we going add KD and stuff later to site for more competition


> Fixed HeavyBlood Bow APP (Lower Max)


> All 2nd class staff(most) was allowed with +shield as app only


> Reduced GP with Magic class from WB was 4:1 ratio higher than melee class


> New year event is here


> Event npc got new prices and adjustments on prices


> Royalpass will be awesome patiently wait the release on website side

> Changed some prices and add items in vip npc


> Changed Xmas stuff ingame and made it normal back


> Increased Worldboss hp up +20%


> Poison Dart deal fixed amount of dmg and now work with crus too


> Fixed SM Rebirth Skill 1 hit mobs


> Added 6 Second warning before map anti afk kick


> Added Invisible Shield




Edited by Fisal Moha

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website: https://www.rmpo.net/mapko/

- Available for around 5D days(Think carefully before redeem)

- Required to complete 2x Daily Vote in our vote page before redeem

- There a limited number of user who can redeem every code so hurry up

- You can redeem one code only of below:

vote3311 | 4 Vote Need | Available for 80 users only

vote3312 | 80 Vote Need | Available for 40 users only

vote3313 | 140 Vote Need | Available for 3 users only





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Change Logs Update [v.155]

> Added Valentines day Event Npc


> Added New System (Bracelet System) items will drop rare from Worldboss kill/CA 1st winner/Dw Boss kill/upcoming Royal Pass (Drops are by chance)


> Bracelets are of 2 types ATK and DEF type which add as below

>ATK Bracelet : 100 STR/ACC/SPR

>DEF Bracelet : 50 AGI/CON

>Forge chance and prices can be viewed using cmd /bracom


> Fixed SP Recovery (improved it)


> Added new Valentine’s Day Pet/Wing/Ring

> - Pet sold in event npc

> - Wing sold in Limited and Royalpass Redeem Shop

> - Ring sold in Limited and Royalpass Redeem Shop


> Added Dungeon Master Neck to Dungeon Npc with awesome glow


> Reduced Damage of Zephyr Monsters


> Fixed some Bow apps which had problem with max atk uneven to another apps we are trying to fix this issue so please report all about any uneven app so we can fix it asap (Please do some experiments with different apps to figure out which is glitched and which not)


> Added new Valentine Looks hurry and collect them before the end of event






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Hello @iBluebell,


I think it's better to ask your question to the server administration on the site, social networks or in the Discord.

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On 4/3/2022 at 2:56 AM, iBluebell said:

Can someone help. Says I need a patch.


Please reach me in discord ERROR#3209


from what I see you got something blocking patch extract or the Achieve file got corrupted for some reason for instance you can set version in setting.ini and manual patch download that file from our manual patch list https://www.rmpo.net/mapko/download/index.php?dir=Update+Game%2F

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Update v160

Fixed cloak Forge you was only able to forge 2x Lv2 Gems now you can forge 3x

Supreme Medals are Tradable now

Added Cloak to Event Lv3

Reduced Pet Exp Stone price to 98k G

Changed donatebox drops

x2,x4 1M Gold Note|x150-x200 Event Lv1 Item|x1-x3 Event Lv2 Item|2x [SSR]Rune Box|x3-x5 Event Lookism Coin|1000x Mapko Super Frag|2x GMR Bracelet Box|1x Bracelet Stone|x1 MSR Earring Box(Bonus x1 PWP Coin or x75-150 PWP Pieces)

Added new chest T2 which give

3-5x 100k|75x lvl 1|4x lvl 2|3x lookism|2x SSR Earring|5x SR Rune|1x SSR Rune|150x Mapko Super Frag|3x MSR Bracelet|1x Bracelet Stone|x10 Pirate Banners

T2 Chest Drop in Daily Quests and DW quest

Reduced 1 Dw Chest From Dw Quest

Added T2 Drop to DI Boss 50% Chance 1x Chest

Added T2 Drop to Kyjj by rank 10x,7x,5x,2x

Changed all Royalpass requirements and made it easier to finish than before also increased xp in some daily quests

Added Paladin and balanced it

Decreased Ninja max to be same like Elf's

Increased Elf Defence a bit

Removed Fail on Cloak Gems

Legendary Tree give 3x GP rather only gold

New Event Npc Monster Day Event (Happy Monster Day Event =3)






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Welcome Gift Code To Our Players Only Newbies can redeem it

Code : qpJo7l (You need to complete 4 times vote first)


About MAPKO :

Tales of pirates private server with Unique Features and New Systems, Beast system,

Story Newbie Quest, Balanced Maps for newbies, New Maps, Guildwar, Week PVP, Daily Quests, Monthly Content and Events.


> We are running new event where players can win awesome rewards and chance to get a very amazing gift if they complete the following tasks

1) Like and comment on this post where you mention 5 friends or more who play TALES OF PIRATES

2) Share this post on your timeline

3) Create a video of your MAPKO play or footage on youtube.com of any kind with 1 minute or more

(The better the video the better the chance)

4) Share the post on any TalesOfPirates Groups

https://www.facebook.com/search/groups/?q=tales of pirates private server

5) Printscreen all previous activities and send them to our email [email protected] with title of "MAPKO Facebook Event" we will add you the reward within 7 days of your sending to our email completing all previous steps and proofing them with printscreens don't forget to include the youtube link you uploaded


> Common Reward (Anyone will get when complete all steps) :

70k SuperMapko Fragments - 70x Bracelet Stones - 70x MSR Bracelet Chest - 10x GMR Bracelet Chest - 100M Gold

> Super Rare Rewards (only collected players will earn them at the end of event which will be random by luck)

Instant +6-8 one or two Bracelets, or

Instant +8-10 one or two Cloak Gems, or

1000 PWP, or

25x DonateBox, or

15000x Sparkle Leafs, or

Full Wish Wheel VT


> Additional Notes :

- Event will start 01/06/2022 and end after 30/06/2022

- The super rewards will be added after the event by day or two

- You can participate on event only once be careful we will track IP and much more

- You can share post at groups as much as you can which can increase your Luck

- You will get only 1 Super Rare gift in case you earn it by luck

- The common gift will be added within 7 days from sending us email

- Send all emails at "[email protected]", Title : "MAPKO Facebook Event"


Start Now : https://www.facebook.com/rmapko/posts/pfbid0yhpS2WqJWAMgeZVnRoUaUX8Z6xjM2oFWxnTrHPyVCwMEtgQN3nVjZ2d8RU4ajk7el





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[Update v161]

Changed drops in Dungeon:

- Floor3 : 15x 1Mil Gold & 100x PirateBanners & 1x Lookism Coin & 2500x Supre Mapko Frag & 2500x Gold Pouch & 400x Lv1 Event Item & 8x Lv2 Event Item & 50x Lv3 Event Item & 1-2x Bracelet MSR Box & 1-2x Bracelet Stones - Floor5 : 80x 1Mil Gold & 200x PirateBanners & 1x Lookism Coin & 12500x Super Mapko Frag & 12500 Gold Pouch & 800x Lv1 Event Item & Lv2 Event Item & 150x Lv3 Event Item & 1-2x Bracelet MSR Box & 1-2x Bracelet GMR Box & 1-2x Bracelet Stone

Replaced Epvp with new map Chaos Icicle Changed drops in Kyjj:

- Boss Rewards from F1-9 Give 500 GP - Boss Rewards on F10-11 Give based on Rank as below 1x Lookism Coin & 150x Lv1 Event Item & 4x 1Mil Gold Note & 10x T2 Box & 5000x Mapko Frag & 5000x GP 1x Lookism Coin & 100x Lv1 Event Item & 2x 1Mil Gold Note & 7x T2 Box & 3500x Mapko Frag & 3500x GP 1x Lookism Coin & 75x Lv1 Event Item & 1x 1Mil Gold Note & 5x T2 Box & 2500x Mapko Frag & 2500x GP 45x Lv1 Event Item & 5x 100k Gold Note & 2x T2 Box & 1000x Mapko Frag & 1000x GP

Changed Dream Island Monster Drops:

Floor 1 Mobs => 3x GP Floor 1 Boss => 100x GP Floor 2 Mobs => 5x Super Mapko Frags & 10x GP Floor 2 Boss => 100x GP & 200x Super Mapko Frags

Dream Island is PVP area but Floor 1 is safe zone and inside town

Now Rebirth Npc will require player to be Lv101 Hero before advancing in Rb Levels

Did some balance stuff hit us if you want suggest or got problem

Add GMR Gears which can be farmed through Dungeon Keys and is sold at Dungeon Npc

Added Guildwar can be found at /gogw open Sunday 6 PM Winners: x60 1M Gold Note, x10k Gold Pouch, x10k MAPKO Super Fragment, x10 Bracelet Stone, x10 [MSR]Bracelet Chest, x3 [GMR]Bracelet Chest Losers: x20 1M Gold Note, x3k Gold Pouch, x3k MAPKO Super Fragment, x4 Bracelet Stone, x3 [MSR]Bracelet Chest, x1 [GMR]Bracelet Chest



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[Update v163]

Added MSF Scroll Has the value of 10,000 Super Mapko Fragments and can be exchanged instead of SuperMapko Frag in /gems

Made /gems with level 9 and 12 gems

Added bonus States/BP on Bracelets +7,+8,+9

- +7 => 50 Str/Acc/Spr|25 Agi/Con|5000 BP

- +8 => 100 Str/Acc/Spr|50 Agi/Con|10000 BP

- +9 => 400 Str/Acc/Spr|200 Agi/Con|15000 BP

Meteorites Drop inside Farm Island : 260 Gold and outside 180 Gold

Defoliate Pine and Other Drop 500 Gold now rather 250 Gold

Fixed royalpass Chop and Dig

Increased Drops at Arena Chest and Boss

- Chest : 500x Super Mapko Frag & 5x T2 Box & 250x GP & 1x Lv2 Event Item & 1x 1M Gold

- Boss : 1000x Super Mapko Frag & 500x GP & 1x Bracelet Stone & 1x GMR Box & 10x 1Mil <--(Pt drop) & 4x Lv2 Event Item

Added new game mods which is awesome feature and we are going to improve it over the upcoming updates too

- 60FPS client

- Skill Cooldown Text on Skill icon

- New Title system which allow us to have more title necks

- We did more other staff like showing friends with highlights, item more info and much more

Pet max level now is 400 and you can level through items in Event npc and Money Exchange

Fixed other bugs



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[Update v166-167]

Fixed paladin in novice and supreme box (+27 Eq)

Fixed Shield in novice and supreme box was given STR or rather con

Added rp cards give 25xp and 100xp which is sold in money cleric npc

Added Pet Transfer States

Added more money exchange options at money npc

Added Pet state change which cost 1bil gold

Arena Bar is back ^^

Did fix small bug in Guildwar win we had a report saying someone guild level got reset to lvl 0 which was our concern but we couldn’t confirm if that bug was the cause please note that deleting guild reset level as well

Added new PVE daily quests enjoy nabs

Added new System Tower/Fans Max +5 sold in Money Npc Box and Stones sold in limited shop

2x Keys is up 3x keys is over (Dungeon win)

BP report can be removed by editing config file in mods folder removing the content from config file “pkodev.mod.power/pkodev.mod.power.cfg” also adjusted it

added new 2 set and 2 sword apps to gambling and will add more 2 set and 2 sword apps to royalshop too

New Event is here Autumn






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[Update v168]

Disabled the possibility to equip 2h sword in spear app by zero bp and reducing states

Added new quest to farm elixirs which can be found at Newbie Catchup Npc require SQ #10

Fixed GuildArena Stacking problem

Max Tower/Fan is +7 Now

Added Online Time Npc and with amazing rewards

Added Money Newbie Quests

Added New Dungeon Quest to farm Elixir require SQ #10

Extended Event Time 1 Month more

Added some new apps with Pirates banners

Added new apps which will be available in our royalpass shop and limited shop

Fixed other minor bugs








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website: https://www.rmpo.net/mapko/

- Available for around 7D days(Think carefully before redeem)

- Required to complete 2x Daily Vote in our vote page before redeem

- There a limited number of user who can redeem every code so hurry up

- You can redeem one code only of below:

lD0gPY | 5 Vote Need | Available for 80 users only

LHSFr0 | 45 Vote Need | Available for 50 users only

qx5Mvv | 85 Vote Need | Available for 8 users only



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