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Hol'Ocean Pirates Re-Launch (WIPE) 🟢

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Hol'Ocean Pirates







Ahoy Pirates! Come on in to watch our server launch. The treasure hunt begins Friday, October 29th!


I heard that the legends of this place have powers to "restart" whenever they reach a limit, making them become stronger and stronger but at the cost of a lot of dedication and choices that define the direction they will take.


If you want to follow this path, for now I have some information that I can give you.


Server Rates

  • Exp Solo                          20x
  • Exp Party                         30x
  • Drop                                3x
  • Pet Growth                      350x
  • Exp Ship                          25x




Reset System

When you catch lvl 120, it will be possible to complete a Quest to reset lvl 1 and get more Stats Points and Skills Points and do it again, again, again and again ...




Added 2 New Classes

White Knight





Better Skills

Skills revised and rebalanced. 

Skills points more difficult to get, for more ballance in class. 

Some Skills going up lvl 20.




In Game Mall

All Skins are sold in the Mall. 

Some buffs for lvl UP are avaliable for puchase, but all of them are exchanged for Faity Coins in NPC. 





Come on and join the crew!

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