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Pirates Land Online - Officialy Launched 09-05

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Server Information:

Mid Rates Server/Farm to WIN 

Max Level: 85 (From 80 with cards)

Max Pet Lv: 50 (From 41lv with fruits)

Solo EXP: 15x

Party EXP: 17x (2 members) 18x (3 members) 19x (4 members) 20x (5 members)

Drop Rate: 2x

Fairy-growth: 100x


Information & Features:

Balanced Server

Colored Nick Names

Active User Support

Guild Bank

Guild Quests

Flying Normal Wings

Capped Gems

60 FPS Mode

Unique Glows

Chaos Icicle System (Balanced Stats)

For Starter you will be able to get Pirate Necklace

For Starter you will be able to get Newbie Potion which give extra stats in Leveling Maze

--And much more--



Normal Gems

Unique Gems

Advanced Gems

Black Dragon Gems

Azrael Gems

Ring/Neck Gems

Chipped/Broken Gems



Unsealed 35 Lv, 45 Lv, 65 Lv From NPC

Rings/Neck 65 Lv from NPC

70 Lv Set for Kal

75 Lv Weapons for Million Dollar Notes

75 Lv Rings from Barborosa

85 Lv Weapons from Black Dragon

--And much more--



Chaos Argent

Demonic World

Black Dragon Lair

Bounty Hunter

Chaos Icicle

Abbadon 1-4

Lone Tower 1-6

Argent/Shaitan/Icicle City

--And much more--


Social Media:

Discord: https://discord.com/invite/TGJueZh
Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/PiratesLand0nline/
Website: https://pirates-land.online/


More Information about Pirates Land Online Server you can find in our Discord Server (Guide Section)


PLO Team.

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