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Pirate Squid Online

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Pirate Squid Online is a server that aims to bring back nostalgic moments, while using some modern features that enhance the gameplay in most aspects. The server welcomes veteran players, as well as new ones. Our discord channel has a very welcoming community that is willing to provide all the information you need to progress in the game. Bring your friends! We'll be waiting for you! Yarrrrr!!!

Website http://www.piratesquidonline.ovh/

PLAYER Max Level: 100

EXP Rate:

Solo: 3x

  1. Party (2 members): 3x
  2. Party (3 members): 3x
  3. Party (4 members): 4x
  4. Party (5 members): 5x

FAIRY Max Level:

  1. 41 (Normal Fruits)
  2. 50 (Improved Fruits)

Fairy Growth:

  1. Lv 01-20: 50x
  2. Lv 21-41: 25x
  3. Lv 42-60: 20x


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