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OnePiece PKO

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We are now presenting you "OnePiece PKO"

Enter a strange and unexplored world full of strange creatures, danger, and surprises. Gather resources and structures to match your survival style. Play your way as you unravel the mysteries of this strange land !!!

[Server Rates]

x10 Solo Exp

x8 Party Exp

x250 Fairy Growth
Player max Lv120
Fairy max Lv120



OnePiece UI Design
OnePiece Web Theme
OnePiece Apparel Collections
OnePiece In-Game Content
Fairy Marriage
Player Marriage
Ultimate Rebirth
New Maps, New Boss, Aura and Apparels
New Economy Model: Runes, Tokens and Coins
Bounty Hunter
Weekend Giveaway
Colorful character's name
Offline Stall, Stall for Items
Straw Hat Ranking
Player's Commands
Mystic Wheel

WPE/RPE Protection
Cheat Engine Protection
Customized Exes and Database

[Server Statistic]
Singapore OVH
Canada OVH
Low Ping

Honest and Open GMs
No Ban
Share and Grow

[Fully Customized Maps]
-Drum Island
-Logue Town
-Mugiwara War
-Thriller Bark
-Punk Hazard
-Bossing Island (Guild Bossing)
-Babylon Tower (Party Bossing)
-Centurion Challenge (Solo Bossing)
-Shin Sekai (Main City)

Website: https://onepiecepirates.online
Discord: https://discord.gg/zCtwawR

"I Decided To Be Pirate King. I Don’t Care If I Die For It."
Monkey D.Luffy

"Before I landed to PKODEV I promised to make OnePiece PKO in a stable version"

Edited by Ska

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Since OnePiece PKO released as official we did a lots of changes and updates in-game based on pirate's suggestions and complains, here you go the full list...

[Server Update] - 24/07/2020 03:00
You can now stall for items instead gold
Auction Center available in website
Daily mystic wheel available in website
Lv6 Gems combiner added to server
Added skill effect icons into GUI
Added discord button into GUI
You can now hide stall for less lag

[Server Update] - 18/07/2020 16:00
Classes Re-Balance Part 3 End
Added skill tweak (by choice)
August fairies speed bug fixed
Add maze reminder help info
Gold Note dropped by all monsters


[Server Update] - 17/07/2020 23:00
Added chaos argent to server
Maze time has been changed

Chaos Argent time at 1 7 13 19

Drum Island time at 3 9 15 21

Thriller Bark time at 5 11 17 23

Logue Town time at 0 6 12 18

Mugiwara Battle time at 2 8 14 20

Punk Hazard time at 4 10 17 23

Note: Chaos Argent, Drum Island and Thriller Bark has the same map's setting.


[Server Update] - 16/07/2020 08:00
Classes Re-Balance Part 2
Centurion Stage 50+ Re-Balance Part 1
Great Fairy Ration available in NPC
Great Auto Ration auto feed fairy faster
Great and Auto Ration 500 Stackable
Mugiwara cloak items has been adjusted
Installing native CA to SW and T.Bark Map


[Server Update] - 15/07/2020 16:00
Added more spawn point of Drum Island
Removes Bunny, Ninja and Hawaiian apps
ID Card added to Item Mall
Auto ration stackable up to 500


[Server Update] - 14/07/2020 01:00
Babylon rewards updated (Add Exp)
Fixed Orange Isle monster's drop
Punk Hazard duration shorter
Centurion entrance fixed


[Server Update] - 13/07/2020 10:00
Classes Re-Balance Part 1
Item Mall price has been recalculated
Fixed minor issue on Mugiwara Cloak


[Server Update] - 12/07/2020 02:00
Bounty bosses drops bounty cards
Yosaku - Bounty Hunter NPC updated
Fixed PK maps reward set for 2-5 Ranks
Ancient rune droped by all mobs and chest
Ancient Rune Exchanger NPC updated
Portgas D.Ace NPC updated
Centurion boss drops Ancient Rune at 75%


[Server Update] - 11/07/2020 08:00
All PK maps reward set updated
New item \"Pirate Gold\" available
Fairy level unlocked to Max Lv120
Monkey D.Garp NPC updated with new items
Bounty Boss respawn time adjusted


[Server Update] - 10/07/2020 22:00
Wood price increased 12K Gold each
Luffy and Nami runes exchanger updated
Shanks - Beri Barter updated
Babylon Tower duration last for 1 Hour
Fairy feeding success rate increased
All classes HP greatly increased


[Server Update] - 10/07/2020 06:00
Apparel fusion and upgrade fee reduced
Equipment repair fee reduced
Details /dropinfo commands improved
Admiral cloak texture and name changed
Drum Island monster spawning fixed


[Server Update] - 09/07/2020 23:00
Added PvP kill system notice
Added some items decription
Guild GUI corrected and fixed
Removed sacred and lighted torch apps


[Server Update] - 09/07/2020 03:00
Added rock gems in Shirahosi NPC
Sand Bag respawn time shorter
Added necklace apparels to Beri Exchanger
Necklace fusion scroll in BS Disciple
Added Old Ticket into Ticket NPC
Phoenix Rebirth (2nd Rebirth) added
Spawn more chest in Thriller Bark

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    [Server Update] - 26/07/2020 15:00
    New Feature - Change character race
    Fixed sharpshooter bugged skill cooldown
    Fairy of Undead resist bonus fixed
    Babylon Tower portal fixed
    Removes notice when thriller bark closed
    Max attack capped lifted

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[Server Update] - 29/07/2020 04:00
Removes Gift Box, Orange Isle has better.
Instant Lv100 - Lv100 Scroll added.
/sforge command has better gemstone set.
Babylon portal bug? please report!
Career Lot has independent effects
Career Lot and Mystic Clover 500 Stackable.


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[Server Update] - 01/08/2020 17:00

Unlock Lv120 Equipment and Weapon.

Unlock Ultimate Rebirth - Moon Goddess.
Added hexathlon quest for Lv100+ every sunday.
Double Exp and Growth rates during weekend.

Edited by Ska

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[Server Update] - 03/08/2020 13:30
Exchange rates Fame to Life Exp updated.
Gemstone Chest can be put in F Shortcut.
Added compression energy to Tashigi NPC.


Edited by Ska

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[Server Update] - 05/08/2020 00:00
Reconditions babylon bosses.
Added repair tools into Usopp NPC.
Relog punishment has been installed.
Invisible apparel added into Apparel list.
Added visual effect of Blessed Potion.


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