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I am a developer who have some knowledge in TOP/PKO Development and some understanding of the marketing aspects of it.

I want to work with any server for a fraction of the total server's income.



- the server must be in operation (in other words, I will not work with admins who are in development phase and not yet open)

- the server must already have a steady amount of players

- the server must already have a decent income


What I will bring to the table:

- security

- automation (build automation, version automation, infrastructure automation, backup automation)

- mentoring (mentor other members, provide code feed back)

- versioning of the source codes and builds

- continuous logging to ensure players are micro-managed (hehe), and server is operational

- feature development (C, C++, Lua)

- quality assurance and testing


What I wont do:

- admin (logging into production server)

- engage with players

- log into the game

- advertise your server

- 3D-related (modeling, animations, upgrading game engine)

- Web related (I do not touch deprecated PKOSITE written 50 years ago)



- The pay out should be bi-weekly

- I have the rights to terminate myself at any given time

- You have the rights to terminate me at any given time

- Any codes that I contribute is YOURS and all ownership belongs to the server

- Any miss payout is an automatic termination

- I will work according to my own schedule but finish all task within a bi-weekly sprint

- I am not selling you codes, I am not part of the team, I am aiding your journey to success

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To "market" myself - I will keep this thread up-to-date (diary) on things that I've accomplished with my business partners. This shall come handy for marketing purposes for myself (as a dev who offers business service and guidance) and the additional "exposure" (advertisement) for my partners.

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On 5/31/2020 at 3:58 PM, patrick13 said:

hi, I am interested. Contact me via discord please af1rfqfa#0883

your discord invalid

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