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Aries Pirates Online

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Are you looking for something to play while staying at home? 
Welcome to Aries Pirates Online!
Join us today and you will win Super Kylin Chest!
Join us in Discord:
<iframe width="560" height="315" src="https://www.youtube.com/embed/bo5tBEL6bHY" frameborder="0" allow="accelerometer; autoplay; encrypted-media; gyroscope; picture-in-picture" allowfullscreen></iframe>

Server Rates:
Max Lvl: 150 (120 instant)
Max Pet Lv: 65 (50-65 use improv fruits)
Solo-Exp Rate: 40x
Party Exp Rate: 50x
Drop Rate: 25x
Fairy Growth: 500x

Server Features & Informations
APO Town
Argent City
Shaitan City
Icicle Village
Sunshine Beach
Dream City
Region of Demons
Black Dragon Island
Astral City
Ancient Palace
Farming Map
Haunted Forest
Dungeon PK
Chaos Argent
Chaos Icicle
Demonic World (1-2)

Refining Gems  = Dark Swamp / Demonic World
Unigue Gems = Kals / Dark Swamp
Azrael Gems = Bosses/Win Maps/kal + gold npc
Great Gems = Bosses/Win Maps / Kal + gold npc
Advance Gems = Kal + gold npc / Soul of Spirit
Normal Gems lust etc = NPC
Ring Gems (NOT OP) = Chaos Icicle Mobs / money + kal in npc
Neck Gems (NOT OP) = Nightmare Mobs / Money + Kal in npc
Lv1-55 Equips = NPC
Grandiose / Corp Kylin =Available in NPC
95 Uns = Available in NPC
Super Kylin set = available in npc for 40 kals
Historical Set = Mall Set / Farmable in Game for APO Card
115 unseal weapons = npc
Hero Weapons = MALL / Available NPC = KORE
Unique Rings = Available in NPC
Lv65-75 Rings = Available in NPC
Lv85 Rings =Available in NPC
Historical Rings = Mall Ring / available in npc Farmable DW1/2 Chests 100% DRop

Skill Quests:
Hit Rate Skill Quest
Black Dragon Roar Quest

Farming Money:
Demonic World
Dark Swamp
Fairy Coin

Announcement: We are only back online because of the people who requested to. Join Server and Enjoy PK!

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Server has been Wiped!


Server is now Officially Online! -- [5/13/2020] - (10:30 PM, LOS ANGELES CA time)

Server Guide
---How to Level? 

Instant Lv120 by using scroll in your inventory.


---How to Level 55? 

Talk to Denver NPC at Argent City 2193, 2785


---How to get Kylin Set?

Kal Exchanger in Argent Bank sells chest for 20 kals


---How to get Kal Runestones?

1. Exchange 99 Wood for 1 kals

2. Farm Broken Kal Runestone exchange for kals (2:1)

3. Farm Kal runestones in Dark Swamp Chest

4. Farm Broken Kal runestone in DW2 monster

5. Mining Kal Ore / Crystal Ore


---How to Get 55 unseal stuff?

Unseal Shop at argent city 2204, 2791


---How to Get Lv20-75 Rings or Neck?

Talk to Granny Ring & Neck Exchanger at Argent City 2229,2715


---How to get Lv85 Rings?

Winning Alone in CA/CI will grant you treasure chest

will give you random lv85 ring


---How to get Unique Gems?

Exchange kal runestone for UG in Argent 2192, 2760

Exchange Darkswamp token for UG Packets at Sunshine Beach


---How to get Great Gems?

Exchanger Ja runestones in Sacred Snow from Demonic World

Kal Exchanger in Argent bank (Kals + money)

Farming in bosses

Chaos Argent Chest


---How to farm Azzrael Gems?

Farm through Ja exchanger in sacred snow from Demonic World

Farm through bosses

Black Dragon monsters has possible drop of Azz Chest 


---How to farm Refining Gems?

Darkswamp monsters drops ref gems

Demonic World Monsters drops ref gems


---How to FARM MONEY?

Region of demon exchanger 

Demonic World monsters kill 1m each

Dark Swamp

Wood for money

Fairy coin for money


---How to get Pet?

Pets are Leveled 100 in pet npc for free


---What are the boss coordinates?

Barborosa -> Argent City (2286, 2505)

Death Soul Commander -> Shaitan City (970, 3575)

Pirate Guardian -> Region of Demons (700, 165)

Goddess Evil Ruling -> Ancient Palace (88,193)

Fury Kara -> Haunted PK Map (147, 214)

PK Map Guardian -> Haunted PK Map (246, 125)

Mutated Mole King -> Mole Kingdom, teleporter in Argent (1896,2803)

Ruby Guardian Boss -> Icicle Village  (92,96)


---How to Rebirth?

Go to Argent City NPC 2291, 2805

What does Rebirth gives? it gives you additional

5.5% stats. 


---How to get Dragon Slayer Necklace?

In Chaos Icicle there is a boss called Chaotic Fireblooded Demon,

Kill the boss and take the dragon token to npc in Sunshine beach to exchange.


---How to Get 100 Unseal Items?

100 Unseal items are available in argent city grocery

for 50m and 15 kal runestone


---How to get manus?

Exchanger of manus in Argent Fountain for

May Day Card.

---How to upgrade kylin set to Grandiose set or Corp Kylin?
First you need 3 Upgrading stones. You can get upgrading stones from killing
monsters in Ancient palace. Then you will talk to the 
Grandiose NPC and exchange kylin + upgrade stone for Corp Kylin / Grandiose set.
Grandiose for High Level
Corp Kylin can be use for lv55

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Change Log: Server became PK Server Less Farming [6/9/2020]
Super Kylin Set Free in NPC (Mall Set)
115 Unseal Weapons Free in NPC (Mall Weapon)
Azz Gems / Great Gems / Unique Gems / Refining Gems FREE / ADV Gems in NPC
Beginer Back Pack Free in NPC
85 Unseal Rings Free in NPC
PK Pots / Manus free in npc
Crusader Stun improved from 5 seconds to 7 seconds ( NO BACK STUN!)
Career Lots & Mystic Clover Free in NPC. (Can be used on LV150 now aswell)
Forging Fruit 100% is now available in npc for 400 kals!
Admiral Cloak Lv1 in NPC!
Fairy Body Posession 0 Cooldown

Lets just Enjoy PK! Everyone! Give it a try.

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> Looking for FUN on Forging and PK with guildmates

> while staying at home? Join US!!

> Aries Pirates Online! PK SERVER!

> Set and Gems are free in Starter NPC

> All you have to do is forge, level up and Join GUILD FOR PK!

> Join Discord Channel: https://discord.gg/p2VqeGr

> Website: http://aries-pirates. com/

> Download: https://aries-pirates. com/index.php?act=downloads

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