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Kraken Online - Fortune Island [New Server May 24]🟢

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Добрый вечер, по мере возможности и свободного времени поигрываю на вашем сервере, в основном для разнообразия выполняю обычные квесты и столкнулся с тем, что почти в каждой локации имеются квесты, которые необходимо сдать этому NPC:  Maritime Assistant - Alena в Аргенте, но вы, похоже, изменили NPC и его роль на сервере. Следовательно, горстку квестов на вашем сервере просто невозможно сдать. 

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Dear friends!
We are pleased to announce that our team is ready to launch a new Fortune Island!

New server will be a classic server designed for long and stable operation until the last active player. This server will not be seasonal, i.e. this isn't Season 2 or anything like that.
1) New updates will be introduced depending on the wishes of the players with the gradual addition of content
2) Classic big guilds. The maximum number of players in a guild is 100, there are no more restrictions.
3) The balance of classes and their skills will be discussed in advance, before the start of the server, and will not change subsequently
4) Our team has used the experience of previous servers and is ready to provide the following benefits:
  • Easy leveling
  • Easy gold farming
  • Easy fairy growth
  • Obtaining unseal equipment through alternative routes (quests and exchange)
  • Locations with the possibility of safe PVE farming
  • High-quality support and best service
  • Server for a long time, with gradual introduction of major updates


Fortune Island Concept available!


Official opening date: 24 May 2024

Beta test - 1 week

We will be grateful if you invite your friends or your guild to our server!
If you are the Guild Leader, PM me @krakenio or @.captainbarbarossa in discord and we can create a local chat to discuss important points and decisions


Best wishes,
Kraken Online Team

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