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New server , features and gameplay.

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Hello everyone , I'm back. 

Okay first of all this will be a very custom server running off 2.4 sources. After getting the sources fixed now I'm going to start working on a new server, with new features new gameplay enhanced graphics and more. But I would like the community's ideas and what they would like to see in a new server with the possibilities to expand and change gameplay significantly. I'm hoping to start a basic aplha version between early - mid June. What's everyone's thoughts ideas and what they would like to see in TOP that unfortunately we haven't seen, or been able To-do correctly? This project will go in phases atleast aplha and beta stages. I plan on making bi-weeky - monthly updates after the server starts and I get more feedback on what everyone wants. I would appreciate any and all ideas , balance ideas , new items or classes, maps , raids and maybe instances. Ways and ideas to expand the guild system to make it actually useful which I'm currently working on also. Gameplay changes (if possible) I have been working on this project for awhile, and would love some insight of what people wants to see in a new server without a bunch of limitations like before. Thanks everyone and I look forward to finding some interesting things to add to the game !

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Google translate)))

I would like to see a new profession with a sword and shield, with buffs for protection, perhaps vampirism. Capture cards guilds. The second lane with magic keys F1-F12. I don’t know if control of the keyboard and the attack, for example, on the spacebar, is realizable in Piratia. It would be cool.

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15 hours ago, Xeon said:

Anymore thoughts ?


[Base Idea]: A while ago I was making a system of guild maps that consists of several islands (in this case, they are 3) it was based on conquering the islands and within them there are resources (money, items to farm, maze etc.).  .) To enter a portal was necessary, the conquest is done by defeating the flag in the center of the map (monster) guarded by turrets, once the island conquered depending on the type of guild (Navy or Pirate) it will turn red or blue and  Cooldown the conquest of the island so they have time to farm something (the time varies from the editor) and this is linked to the level of the guild and for each level of the guild the turrets and the flag (monster) will raise their statistics  .



 [Alert system]: every time an enemy guild enters an alert will be displayed to all the members of the guild connected to go to defend after the alert will have a time limit for the assault if the assault results the members of the ex guild  owner and other guilds will be s ...



[Event in the Islands]: if the island has an owner there would be random events of mobs, for example the "Barbosa" revive from the corner of the map to the center to overthrow the owner's guild destroying its flag if the island were to complete its plan  I would not have an owner but otherwise the guild would receive a reward (I was developing the "AI" needed for that)



This is an idea that I was carrying out but I did not finish it, I thought about it because it was necessary to give something more importance to the guilds in this game that they have forgotten in terms of new systems for guilds.  I have the file if you like I sent it to you so you can look and have a better idea of what I described.


 Note: I developed it at the hands of LuaSql.




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