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What Tales of Pirates on Unity3d would look like

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Oh wow! what can I say.

I've been looking around stuff in the forum trying to get updated, this is quite refreshing to see a project going this way (from scratch but animation).


I've seen other posts about innovation around top/pko and they seemed to be out of fundamentals like the android version (in my opinion, it seemed weird to just migrate the same engine to android, so are you just bringing the possibilities to a mobile what else, what other approaches will that bring us?). Sorry for them, I am not saying this to take down their work or to demotivate, It reminds me the time I was going to create a website with the language I am skilled on (c#, begin skilled doesn't mean expert btw) with all the features that offer the other famous/best php websites in here, but I got scared, short of ideas and quit. I asked myself, just another website. what other reaches will it have? now I got better ideas.


Being capable of making a decision like this project, investing your time to create something so big based on this game takes balls (I hope you maintain the essence of TOP but this is just a personal suggestion based on my nostalgic ass, I'll be here, ready to play it.

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