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ToP 2 Launcher

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On 3/20/2016 at 6:49 PM, Lua said:

This is a little guide about how to use the ToP 2 Launcher as your server updater.

• First of all extract the .rar archive and copy the Updater folder into C:


• Inside Patch folder drag all your update archives:


# Note: in my example the Launcher will update my ItemInfo, so you must create the folder scripts>table>"all your .bin archives here".

• Now run pack.bat and a new folder will appear called "run_dest". Copy and paste that new folder in your xampp>htdocs folder.

• Copy all archives inside the Launcher folder and drag into your client folder. Open the Update.cfg (with any text editor) and change the server_ip with your own server IP:

2DOYu7i.png   qjfy4R0.png

• Run kop_d and done !

# Note: you can also edit the Launcher links (as register button, server news...). Open the webconfig.xml (with any text editor).

ToP 2 Launcher.rar

@V3ct0r  @Lua  the rar link is on old domain can you reupload?

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Hello @Wantows

Yes, the attachment is available

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done all that you said, but when i run the launcher it tries to connect to the igg site, when i click play, it tries to log me into their old servers. ive changed the info in update.cfg to my ip.

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