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Party Dungeons Problem

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Hello Guys, 

I'm running a new server and have problem with Party Dungeons ( Lone Tower , Infernal Abyss )

I'm running hook.lua , serialize.lua

Server Files : Pko I v1.36 (2.0) Clean Files


Problem Details (Lone Tower) :


When i kill the monsters it doesn't  count and after the 3 min pass i teleport out of the map i tried everything in the topic.


Problem Details (Infernal Abyss) :


its similar to lone tower problem when i kill all monsters in wave 1 i dont move to Wave 2 and here is screenshot .


i used this topic.



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Use notepad++ functionality to search for all GetExp_PKM hooks.


Last person, I fixed this for had a bad hook on said function, used to gain gold upon killing monsters.


Please reply here if you found a fix, so others in future who encounter same problem may know where and how to fix it.



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