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Can's server-side emulator

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23 hours ago, nyarum12 said:

@V3ct0r @champ ping 


Hello! Done.

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Wohoooo, this is VERY GREAT DAY

I'm done with character screen 🥶🕺

Now emulator has capabilities to:
- Create character
- Create pincode
- Delete character
- Change pincode
- Auth in account
- All the capabilities work with database
- Encryption of password 

And in this congratulation moment I will show result in video


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Emulator project is closed forever, there will be no more return to it in my life.

All the necessary experience it gave me during all my life that I wrote it (2 versions on Go and 1 version on Crystal) - is invaluable, but I will develop further in other spheres

These areas will be related to family projects including design companies and cryptocurrency analytics

Emulator channels will be closed for 1 day to give people a chance to read this post

Thanks to everyone who has been following and believing - love you all ❤️

@V3ct0r this thread could be closed and archived, no needed longer in future

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Hello @nyarum12,


The most important thing is that you gained a lot of experience while working on your project. There are different models of network input/output, working with databases, multithreading, architecture issues, learning new programming languages and other things. I wish you good luck in new subject areas!

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