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20 hours ago, Mesut said:

Hi i have issue like other i cant sit on swing i walk on swing insted is there anyway i can fix it...

There are two ways to make it work in 1.3x versions of the game:
1) Game.exe patching. Requires extensive skills in reverse-engineering, knowledge of programming languages assembler and C++;

2) Add to Swings items in ItemInfo.txt fly animation (as for Rebirth wings) and replace fly animation to sit animation in characterposeinfo.txt (client-side file). But then we lose the effect of the Rebirth wings - characters will sit, not fly.


Also you can use Tales of Pirates 2 server files and client with Swings feature. I know there is TOP 2 client in public release, but I didn't see server files for it. We can't connect ToP 2 client to any existing server files.

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