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Found 8 results

  1. <>New server in development with Corsair files. Stay tuned for further update on our Discord <>Novo servidor em desenvolvimento com arquivos Corsair. Fique ligado, para mais atualizações entre em nosso Discord Discord Invite: CLICK HERE <>Realms Features Version: Corsair Lv Up: Insta Level 45,55,120 Drop Rate: 5X Pet Level: 50 Growth: 750X Initial Equips: Death Equips Maps > Main: Fantasy Town Others: Argent City Shaitan City Icicle City Chaos Realms Realms Island Demonic World 1-4 Dark Swamp 1-3 (Lv:55) Forsaken City 1-3 (Lv:45) Chaos Dream (Lv55) Death Circle (Lv45) Capture The Flag (Balanced Map) Guild War (New Map) Farm Island (Farm Map) Barbaric (Party Map) Kyjj_1-3 (Bosses) Coloseum Hell 1-5 (Abaddons) Rebirths: (Quests) <>Staff Discords: ADM: @K1D0#2020 Developers: @ᴵᵍᵒʳˢᶦˡᵛᵃ#2195 , @Z1K4#4998 FANPAGE FACEBOOK PUBLIC GROUP YOUTUBE INSTAGRAM DISCORD SERVER
  2. Hello everyone, I have searched the internet and found 0 help/guides on how is it possible to make a Hamachi private server for me and my friends using Windows 10 !! At first I tried using SQL 2000, but its setup was not supported by Windows 10 (Yes I tried changing the compatibility to Windows XP SP2, but setup got stuck) Then I tried using SQL 2012 , it did not support the databases !! I don't know what I should do, can anyone help or make a guide about it? Thanks in advance. Edit : I am using the 1.36 original files, because we are trying to play the original game without any changes.
  3. I Need help making tales of pirate website I added my SQL data base username, host, password but also its not working its shows blank.
  4. please I want to do private server for pko I have the files and everything but the problem is I don't know how to do it without Hamachi and there is problem in shaitan map it's not working also there is problem in language barrier quest spring have wrong things and to create new maps there is one tool called (Yammi Tool) Created by matt I want someone who can help me about these problem if there is someone who can help me to do these things and he is living in Dubai will be better thank you so much
  5. I Am Looking for A team to Help me Create My Dream Server, It is Balanced And No Pay-to-win Elements, with Handmade Dungeons/Arenas With Chests Like Chaos Argent, I like to make Maps, If i can find others that can help with other things I will share 50% If more than one 33.3% and so on, Please Consider, It will be an Unique Experience Also Like to Make New Items And Equips (You can also help with that) Add Me On Discord "Gravii47"
  6. Hello ! So recently i started playing on a private server, and as i got addicted, i wanted to play it on my mac. But the thing is, ToP doesn't have mac support, so i've been trying to find 3rd party programs that can cross over from windows to mac. But none of them work. I've tried several famous apps, like crossover - which you even have to pay for, WineBottler, Wine, WineHQ ect ect. The program installed correctly ( i think ) but when i try to launch the converted version, nothing happens I'm using El Capitain 10.11.4.
  7. Home

    Private Server

    Hi friends, I'll open my own server very soon... It will be an original pko server files. im not experienced with private servers, so if possible, i want some tips. for example: what should i know before opening an server? Thank.
  8. Hi friends, Istart a youtube game play channel, just for pko private server... If you want me to gameplay your server just let a message in my box with your server link... channel link https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCL7S34TCB8zg8jlcpsnmT8Q DONT FORGET TO SUBSCRIBE
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