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Found 3 results

  1. i want other players to Join and found a tutorial but i didnt seem to understand. My question is Do i change my server files IP address to a Public IP (118.***.***) or Local? (192.168.0.***) o still Do i Change server set ip to my public ip or local?
  2. So me and my older brother have made the server. He sent me the exact same server files that he has. The only difference is that he runs the server on his computer. I'm trying to connect to the server on my computer as if I am just a random player that wants to play our game. However, no matter how many IP addresses I change, I can't manage to connect to the server from my computer. So, as I open the client and I try to log into my account (that was already created by my brother) I get "Connection Failed". Any help would be appreciated
  3. Hi! Please read our simple advertising rules before making a new topic! Thank you!
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