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Found 3 results

  1. nyarum12

    UDIO: Piratia

    Привет всем, мы с @MrSharp Анонсируем запуск сервера с 3-я принципами - Сохранение оригинальности игры в том числе рейты х1 на все - Игра будет развиваться в 2х направлениях - новый контент на уровни выше, и фикс багов - Репозиторий с серверными файлами будет публичный, оттуда и будут запущены наши сервера в онлайн. Дорабатывать сможет каждый и запустить свою версию на них так же сможет каждый. Open source forever :3 Ожидается 2 сервера, один с пометкой *бета* с тестированием и без бекапа, где не гарантируется сохранения данных И второй *релиз*, где будет бекап каждые 3 часа в разные хранилища Общение - сервис Мыслей на сайте (в разработке) Сайт - http://piratia.udio.agency/ Бета сервер успешно запущен, планы и новости в нашем дискорде
  2. Hello community of pkoDev, some time ago we got our hands on the source code for the game we love and have been creating unique stuff for years. Many (including myself) are completely useless when trying to build and make a functional application out of the Chinese sources so not many people were using them. Now, thanks to the Sheep Squad (KONG, Billy, Wrexor, Mii, Foxseiz & Snre3n), they have released the source code for the server-side applications and a client to go along with it. We have to thank them for it, since this improves the community as a whole and now you start seeing a few servers popping up. While they're functional, there have been comments about them having some minor issues, which we as a community can come together to fix as a public source code. This thread is created thanks to KONG for giving the idea and is not to bring any other issue/dramas that showed up in the other thread. This thread's only purpose is to identify issues/improvements and share the code that can fix and/or improve the code, therefore: Anyone is allowed to post anything they might have found, even if they don't have an immediate fix for it. Anyone is allowed to contribute fixes to other people's issues and their own. Anyone is allowed to contribute improvements to existing code. If any issue fix and/or improvement is shared and you can make the code better, feel free to contribute! Note1: This thread is not about fixing the directories, missing files or compiling source code itself, that's explained on the original release thread. Note2: This is my first time doing a thread like this, so if I'm missing anything to add, let me know! So for as posting something, lets follow the example stated by KONG. For Bug Reports, follow this: Bug Title: Bug Description: How to replicate: Status (pending / close / open): Author (whoever that fixes it): For Architecture Improvements, follow: Title: Refactor to MVC design pattern Reason: scalability and maintainability Approach: For Game Improvements, follow this: Title: Reason: Improve existing guild functions Approach: SQL table, Open-closed, etc Concerns: concurrency, race, etc Please try posting the actual fixes, if you can, try explaining what was done so the rest of people reading the thread can learn if they're interested. Avoid just posting the whole file like "here's the fixes inside my functions.lua" and posting your 20K line file, try posting just the fixes/changes.
  3. Hey guys, I searched around the forum and haven't really found a recent open source launcher for 1.3X files that does the basic functions of updating, validating and launching the client. Is there any interest to creating one? And if there is, what features would you deem necessary? Hydra
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