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  1. Bringing to you one of the most unique gaming experiences in Tales of Pirates. Eternal Abaddon Online Countdown for the official release: https://countingdownto.com/?c=3474590 Website: https://www.eternal-abaddon.online/ Register: https://www.eternal-abaddon.online/register Download: https://www.eternal-abaddon.online/downloads Discord: https://discord.gg/USqHjsweht Facebook: https://facebook.com/eternal.abaddon.online Server Limits: Character Level: 65 Fairy Level: 41 Equipment Max Sockets: 2 Gems Max Levels: Normal: 3 Unique: 2 Broken: 2 Cracked: 2 Black Dragon: 1 Server Rates: Solo Experience: 3 Party Experience: 5 Drop Rate: 2 Fairy Experience: 3 Ship Experience: 1 Server Modifications: - The Eternal Tower - The Eternal Tower is a unique dungeon that can be played both solo and in a party. It is an instanced-based map in which you climb floors (levels) by clearing out 5 waves of monsters and defeating the boss, Balasteer, to proceed further. As you progress, the monsters and boss get tougher, but also more reward-able, with increased stats but also increased chances at better rewards per floor completed. The drop system is unique, in which it drops loot to specific players & only allows them to pick up the dropped item. Some new unique tower drops include: The Eternal Belt, The Eternal Bracer, Balasteers' Mount & more that will be shown on the website guide. The tower also includes a leaderboard to show off the solo and party with the highest floors reached. - Chaos Icicle - Chaos Icicle is a point-based PK map with 2 equal teams fighting over monsters & players to see who can score the highest point total in the end. Everyone's character stats are balanced and set to allow anyone to enter. The team with the highest points in the end will receive a Golden Box with increased chance for better rewards, while the other team will receive a Silver Box. Both boxes include items such as: Refining Gems, Unique Jewelry, The CI Boss Mount & more. - Improved Chaos Argent - An updated version of Chaos Argent that includes various changes to smooth out game play experience. Objects such as: tables, chairs, lamps, posts, some trees, etc. have been removed. Opened up some areas as well as adding some objects to others to give more options of traversal around the map. - Loot Filter - The Loot Filter will allow you to selectively hide/show monster drops from the drop info list. You will no longer have to visually go through random mob drops to pick up the one that you actually care about. In addition to this, area and auto looting (Ctrl + A) will ONLY pick up items that are currently visible on the ground, so the loot filter will seamlessly allow you to autoloot the items that you care about. - Guild Permissions - The Guild System has had improvements to usability for leaders, giving an extensive list of permissions to assign to guild members. Some of these permissions include: Deposit/Withdraw Bank, Kick, Recruit, Change Motto, and more. - Guild Bank - The Guild Bank acts as a safe storage for all your guilds items, drops, gold and whatever else. All guild members can view the bank but only those with permissions to deposit and/or withdraw can directly interact with it. - Mounts - Added Mount system that allows you to equip a ride-able version of current bosses & new unique monsters. Currently these are cosmetic only and will be removed upon entering PK maps for a smooth experience. More mounts will be added overtime! - Infinite Lots - Infinite lots are an item that functions exactly the same as the original fortune / career lot, but never runs out of uses. The infinite lot will still take 4,999g from you for every use which is equivalent to buying the original lots from the shop. Will be available at a later date. - Buffs Rework - All Buffs and Debuffs are now visible on the seperate UI so you can keep track easily of what is effecting your character. Everything has correct icons and timers, as well as information about the effects. In addition to this, Buffs from lots, amps & food are now kept on death and logout so that you can keep fighting & farming without fear of a random crash or disconnect. - FC/DS/DW Changes - -Mazes now open every 4 hours instead of 3 -Portals to FC2/DS2 now open after 15 minutes of the map opening -DW2 portal is locked until DW1 boss is defeated -Added FC/DS/DW specific mounts to each boss at 0.5% drop rate -Added Shard of The Universe Purse to FC/DS/DW bosses at 5% drop rate -Increased gold price of these boss drops to 50k: --Medal of the Invincible Knight (FC) --Earthen Core (DS) --Spirit Elixir (DW1) --Necklace of Snowman Warlord (DW2) -FC boss drops lv45 sealed equipment -DS boss drops lv55 sealed equipment -DW1 boss drops lv55 sealed equipment -DW2 boss drops lv65 sealed equipment -Bosses drop Refining Gems at 100% rate -Added Broken Gems to FC monsters at 0.2% drop rate -Added Cracked Gems to DS monsters at 0.2% drop rate. - Apparel System - All apparels are now equippable on the 2nd tab of the inventory and do not need to be fused, allowing seamless customization of your character. All weapon types have their own slot in the UI as well as added slots for Fairy and Glow(effect) apparels. - Key binds - Key binds 0-9 have been added with the functionality to turn them on/off with the key bind "CTRL + T". All key binds can now slot most usable items such as equipment, tickets & more. - New Chat Emotes - Added all chat emotes that are available in the discord server, in-game. - New Apparels - Added 100's of set & weapon apparels all available in the Item Mall - including some of your old favorites, and new soon-to-be favorites. - 60 FPS Option - Adds a smoother game-play experience for those who prefer it. Also able to turn on/off in the game settings. - Monster Drop / Stat Info - All monsters that have drops & stats now display them below their character UI when selected. You can see the exact drop % for every item and it also updates depending on any amp / buff you use. This is also where the loot filter is found. - Skill & Stat Balancing - Classes have had minor tweaks to stats to help with early game progression. A lot of skills have been buffed either with numerical increases or reduced requirements. Some changes include: - Divine Grace now only requires lv 2 Vigor - Revive now only requires lv 1 Recover - Will of Steel now gives 20 defense per lvl - Rousing now grants 10 attack speed + 3 per lvl for 15 seconds - Tiger Roar now reduces attack by 20 per lvl - Primal Rage does less damage but never misses & always does its maximum damage More skills have also been changed, more info later.
  2. Official Launch: 5th March 2021 @ 10 p.m. GMT +1 Welcome Aboard! King of Pirates is a hard vanilla server faithful to the traditional version of the game but with some unique features. Having been players ourselves for several years, we know what players want and we have developed this game with that in mind. We have a strong team of dedicated developers that are constantly working to deliver a high quality and reliable end product. Our priority above all will always be the player and we hope that we will build a friendly community that will create lasting memories. Social Media: Website: https://kingofpirates.net Discord: https://discord.com/invite/tJvex6E Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/kingofpiratesonline Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/kingofpiratesonline Forum: https://kingofpirates.net/forum/ Server Features: Difficult Rates (x1) Balanced Gameplay Farming Focused Maps: Main 3 cities (Argent, Shaitan, Icicle), FC, DS, DW, CA, Battle Royale Frequent Events New Guild System Customisable GUI New Apparel System Mounts Magic Runestones Fairies grow in size as they level up! Current max lvl is 41. Reworked Guild System: Guilds have been greatly upgraded by adding a new guild level system as well as a guild vault, house and roles: The vault is a shared inventory for all guild members, where both items and money can be deposited and withdrawn. However, only the guild leader will decide who has the power to do so. EXP will be awarded by completing collaborative quests or by killing bosses. By leveling up, the guild will have a chance to add stat points to all members of the guild! Customisable GUI: All graphical user interface controls can now be dragged in the new King of Pirates Client. Controls are automatically saved in game configuration files and loaded when a new game instance is opened In the event of missing configuration files, GUI controls are reset to their original positions Extra vertical skill bar added for numerical keys (0-9) New Apparel System: You no longer have to fuse your equipment with an apparel. Instead, equip it by double clicking an apparel in your inventory. Any equipment that you like can be turned into an apparel. Strengthening applies to equipments now, and remain irrespective of the apparel equipped. Fairies can be equipped with apparels, too! New Maze - BATTLE ROYALE: Registration via any Battle Royale Administrator NPC from either Argent City, Shaitan City or Icicle City. The battle is held only once a week. Maximum number of participants: 120, minimum number of participants: 30. Unique map design. Score needed to win the map will depend on the number of participants. Every kill on the map grants 1 point to the team. All players have a predefined set of balanced characteristics. Potions of any kind could not be used inside of the map. Team names, scores and time left are now displayed on a separate, map-specific, graphical user interface. At the beginning, a certain number of mystic chests will be spawned across the map (same number of chests per team). Team A can destroy only its team's designated chests and is unable to destroy its opponents' chests. By using chests you can obtain: 1 cannon (spawns a cannon that assists in defending the base), one tower, 1 friendly monster (attacks opponents) or a flag. Flag is an item that can be used inside Battle Royale only. Whoever gets the flag is chosen as a “runner” for the whole map period, their mission is to run to the opponent’s base and click on the item which will summon a flag that cannot be destroyed. The closer flag is to the base, the more points team gets (1 – minimum, 10 – maximum). When a flag is spawned, the person who has spawned it is teleported back to their base, the flag is set on a cooldown of 1 minute. Whatever team reaches the required number of points first - wins. Mounts: Cannot attack when using a mount in the Battle Zone. Mounts models are no longer rendered in PK maps, however, all its attributes remain intact. We have built unique models and animations, with many more to come! Mob information: Other features: Monster information is no longer triggered on mouse hover event, from now on it can be accessed by right clicking on the desired monster Right clicking on a player no longer shows options that are not available to the character Using AMPs automatically updates monster information percentage values Game instance can be opened only using game launcher, closing the launcher will cause all game instances to be shut down Player effect states now have its separate GUI and can also be turned on/ off directly from the launcher Search pattern is no longer case-sensitive when searching for an item via item stalls You can stall an item asking for another specific item(s) in return. Fixed various sound-related issues Skills Modifications: Tornado can now be self-casted Holy Judgement is now a regular skill with a cooldown of X seconds. Cleric rebirth skill has been replaced with Spiritual Radiance New skill: Spiritual Radiance: Activate to make Spiritual Bolt bounce up to 3 targets, damage is reduced by 25% on each bounce, 35% on player targets. Spiritual Bolt damage is increased by 5% per skill level, maximum skill level: 3 Other Modifications: Sharpshooters have now been introduced with bow unseals Lv45,55,65. Bosses will not grant any guild experience points until guild-level 5 or above is achieved. Wings are to be equipped to the character. Any item can be used by placing it in the skill bar. Fairies are fed directly by double-clicking on rations. NPCs rotate so that they always talk looking at you directly. Special thanks to everyone who participated in this project: Danny, Hilo, Corsairs Team, Mothanna, Angelix, SunsetS, Wolfen, Yagura, KOP Team and to our designers and freelancers.
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