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Found 2 results

  1. Hello Community! Reborn Tales Online is a Medium PvP/PvE Tales of Pirates prvate server that offers different ways to enjoy the game in an authentic way but also with a modern touch to it, our server offers several features that ensure an enjoyable gameplay to players. Links: Discord Server: https://discord.gg/FWqwzfQ Facebook Page: https://web.facebook.com/RebornTalesOnline/ Facebook Group: https://web.facebook.com/groups/1816245825282139/ Server Information: The server is still under development -Max Level: 100 (Non instant, increases by time) -Max Pet Level: 60 -7x Solo EXP Rate -9x Party EXP Rate -Custom Drop Rate in mobs -400x Fairy Growth Rate -Custom Features -Custom Apparels -Mounts System & much more! Available Maps -Chaos Argent (Remade) -Chaos Icicle(A map where specific stats are given to players) -Demonic World(1-2) -Dark Swamp -Forsaken City -Dark Aurora -Light Aurora -Mordor (Available in the future) -Rivendale (Available in the future) -Snowy Hill (Available in the future) -Kings Battleground (Available in the future) + Dungeons!! Farming Information: -Items are obtained through PvP and PvP farming, which means that Money + other items gathered from Monsters and Bosses + Winning/Farming in PK maps can help you to become stronger in game. More Information to be posted later!
  2. Tempest Pirates Online (Soon to Open!!) Discord https://discord.gg/QJb5w7R Facebook Group :https://www.facebook.com/groups/tempestpiratesonline/ Facebook Page : https://www.facebook.com/TempestPiratesOnline Server Info: Max Level : Lv120 Instant Lv45-Lv55-Lv120 Instant Job Change Max Fairy Level : Lv60 Solo Exp : 25x Part Exp : 35x Ship Exp : 15x Drop Rate : 10x Fairy-Growth, according to fairy level: - Lv01-20 = 300x - Lv11-15 = 250x - Lv16-20 = 200x - Lv21-25 = 150x - Lv26-30 = 100x - Lv31-60 = 50x For Starter you will be able to get Corporeal Kylin Chest Tempest Pirates Equipement: Best Set : Tempest Set (Equitable Lv45) 2nd Best Set : Corporeal Set (Equitable Lv10) Tempest Weapons:(Equitable Lv10) Tempest Hammer Tempest Sword Tempest Gun Tempest Bow Tempest Dagger Tempest Seal Tempest Heal Available Maps: Main City - Fantasy Town ( Sub City :Old Fantasy City ) Dream Island Forgotten Island Region of Demons Aurora Area 1-2 Dark Area 1-2 Winter Island Black Dragon Lair Mazes : Hidden Camp Forsaken City Dark Swamp Chaos Argent Chaos FFA Demonic World 1-2 Demonic FFA King of The Hill (Lv45-Lv55) Catch The Flag Gems Available In Game: -Normal Gems - Broken Gems - Cracked Gems - Chipped Gems - Unique Gems - Advanced Gems - Black Dragon Gems - Refining Gem - Azz Gems (Boss)
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