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Found 3 results

  1. (English) I am 7 years old on my server, it is MEDIUM type, very balanced classes, all classes are good, none are bad, there are many bosses, adventures, events, pvp events, many npc to interact, it is not just staying in Argentina, you have to go to the mine, chaldea, lone tower, spring town and other places, there are many things to discover, if you have any questions let me know. (This server is in Spanish and English) the English server will open 01/07/2020 in beta (no reset) (I don't like the reset) (Spanish) Tengo 7 años en mi servidor, es tipo MEDIO, clases muy balanceadas, todas las clases son buenas, ninguna son malas, hay muchos bosses, aventuras, eventos, pvp eventos, muchos npc para interactuar, no solamente es quedarse en argent, hay que ir a la mina, chaldea, lone tower, spring town y otros lugares mas, hay muchas cosas por descubrir, si tienen pregunta hacerme saber. (Este server esta en español y ingles) el servidor ingles abrira 01/07/2020 de forma beta (no reset) (no me gusta el reset) Server Page English Pirate XZ Server page Spanish Pirate XZ
  2. Ребята подскажите пожалуйста как сделать , чтоб на левом в аргенте было открыта пвп зона.
  3. This post wants to be mainly , but not only , a critique of most "modern" private servers. The critique revolves mainly arround one question. What was the philosophy behind this game? What were Molio developpers thinking while making this game? I can for sure say what they were not planning : a Player versus Player focused game. If you look at the focus of two mechanics : Quests and Crafting (all the kinds of it) , the game in it's inception was conceived to be collaboration between players and competition between group of players. The idea of 1v1 was , *is* , ridiculous ; the original power creep of DPS classes was extremely low compared to what it later became , to kill an 'easy' boss you needed collaboration of ~ 10 players and even 50+ for the most complex ones. The fact that the max number of players into a single guild is 80 and not , for example , 30 is not some kind of miscalculation , it's intended and it makes perfect sense in a game which was designed to have at most an influx of two or three unique gems per week . Now , I am not saying that the community doesn't understand this , there are and were plenty of 'old school' server which followed this philosophy , maybe not understanding it but they still followed it. What is the purpose of this thread? Simply to open up this discussion , before implementing new maps , before implementing new features , before implementing new things developpers should think , "what's the purpose of what i am doing?" and "does it tie in with the game?". Simply put ToP doesn't have the game engine fit do be a PvP game , however it is fit to be a cooperative MMO with sprinkles of competition , it is really underperforming in some aspects , and it doesn't have widely avaliable more modern mechanics , so to follow its philosophy where should we focus? Bin your ideas of solo-farming based economies : it guts the spirit of magic classes (low indipendence , strong power multiplier) Bin your ideas of new "cool" mazes , people cannot play 24/7 and fall behind the curve if one day real life makes it impossible to play for them. Focus in how to modernize and/or reconstruct what arleadly exist to fuffill the purpose it had in it's inception.
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