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Found 3 results

  1. REGISTER TO OFFICIAL ONLINE SERVER OPENED!! Adventure Pirates The official grand opening of the server will be 28. January ! ( 19:00 PM Server Time ) Be sure you dont miss it! Invite your friends, guilds are ready to start in new server? SERVER OFFICIAL ONLINE Server social links: Website: https://adventurepirates.online Discord: https://discord.gg/BgNpUdQ3mt Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/Adventure-Pirates-110736577517063 Facebook Group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/1323668194653361 Server Details: Server time: GMT + 00: 00 Server location: Europe Server language: English Server Rates: - Max Level: 95 - Max Pet Lv: 51 - Solo-exp: 8x - Party-exp: 15x - Drop-rate: 5x - Fairy-growth: 500x - Ship exp: 10x Information & Features: - Medium server ( FARMING / PVP ). - Protection (Anti Dupe System, Anti DDoS System, Anti Packets System) - - Balanced Server - - Active user Support - - Guilds Support System - - The system of offline stalls (will be enabled at the start of the server) - - Monster Knowledge - - Pirate Ranking - - Discussion with the players of all upcoming updates - - New Wings, New Apparel, New Glows, New Dungeons, New Auras - - Plans for the development and maintenance - - Story of Tales of Pirates Include - - Farming ways remember old memories - - New Quests - GEMS: - Uniques (Lv Max 3) - Broken (Lv Max 3) - Cracked (Lv Max 3) - Chipped (Lv Max 3) - BDS (Lv Max 2) - Azrael Gems ( Lv Max 2) - Advanced Gem ( Lv Max 2) - Normal gems (Lv Max 4) - Forge system of rings and necklace - Extract normal gems at Spring
  2. Ребята подскажите пожалуйста как сделать , чтоб на левом в аргенте было открыта пвп зона.
  3. This post wants to be mainly , but not only , a critique of most "modern" private servers. The critique revolves mainly arround one question. What was the philosophy behind this game? What were Molio developpers thinking while making this game? I can for sure say what they were not planning : a Player versus Player focused game. If you look at the focus of two mechanics : Quests and Crafting (all the kinds of it) , the game in it's inception was conceived to be collaboration between players and competition between group of players. The idea of 1v1 was , *is* , ridiculous ; the original power creep of DPS classes was extremely low compared to what it later became , to kill an 'easy' boss you needed collaboration of ~ 10 players and even 50+ for the most complex ones. The fact that the max number of players into a single guild is 80 and not , for example , 30 is not some kind of miscalculation , it's intended and it makes perfect sense in a game which was designed to have at most an influx of two or three unique gems per week . Now , I am not saying that the community doesn't understand this , there are and were plenty of 'old school' server which followed this philosophy , maybe not understanding it but they still followed it. What is the purpose of this thread? Simply to open up this discussion , before implementing new maps , before implementing new features , before implementing new things developpers should think , "what's the purpose of what i am doing?" and "does it tie in with the game?". Simply put ToP doesn't have the game engine fit do be a PvP game , however it is fit to be a cooperative MMO with sprinkles of competition , it is really underperforming in some aspects , and it doesn't have widely avaliable more modern mechanics , so to follow its philosophy where should we focus? Bin your ideas of solo-farming based economies : it guts the spirit of magic classes (low indipendence , strong power multiplier) Bin your ideas of new "cool" mazes , people cannot play 24/7 and fall behind the curve if one day real life makes it impossible to play for them. Focus in how to modernize and/or reconstruct what arleadly exist to fuffill the purpose it had in it's inception.
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