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Found 1 result

  1. Click ----> DISCORD <---- Click Website: https://piratemasters.com/ Forum: https://piratemasters.com/forum/ Welcome to Pirate Masters Online! Pirate Masters Online is a Low Rate Tales of Pirates Private server We have focused on the core gameplay element and added a few quality of life changes as mentioned above in the image, and we will continue to support and work on improving the core game experience as a whole, while in the future add more features that was added in the later tales of pirates versions. You may jump in, registrer yourself a account. The download links has already been posted so you may already download the client! Full list of features: - Vanilla server with x2 Exp and x1 Drop Rate - Level Cap is 80 - Fairy max level is 41 - 3 Sockets, Max gem lvl 5 and max forge is +15 - Gems directly droppable from Monsters, Bosses and chests in mazes (Broken, Cracked, UG's, Normal Gems) - Gamble Chests droppable from all maze monsters that can be opened for gold to get gems/forge items/fairy food and fruits - Coral Pouches for buying corals directly from the inventory at Little Daniel NPC in Argent or from the Item Mall - Fairy NPC in icicle to exchange your signets, and fairy coins for x boxes per character per day for lucky items - Fairy Obtainable from the level 10 chest after class change - Award Center with reputation exchangeable for credits to obtain fairy items and levling items on the website - Vote system on the website to receive free Credits per vote every 12 hours - 1000 Stack limit on Fairy Coins and other items - Better and faster Skill animations for smoother gameplay - Party Search feature button near the mini map - Monsters now show Direct Hp values and have more clear hp bars on them - Active Pots and Buffs showing above player head - Player Levels showing beside name - Hp and SP values under characters - Pk Highlighting circles under names (for different guilds) - Swings (cosmetic only in item mall) - Cloak with upgrades (Cosmetic only In item mall) - More new and cool Apparels in the Item Mall - Exp Lock Stone (In the Item Mall) - Fusable Tattoo Apparel - Slightly improved UI for inventory and Quests logs - PK Map - Dream Island - Top 2 Weird Hat seller NPC So what are you waiting for? Come join us on discord and get yourself ready for the launch, 24th June 2023 at 18:00 GMT +2 Click here to see when 18:00 GMT+2 is at your local time See you there, Pirates!
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