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Found 3 results

  1. Roto Games presents MaPKO a TOP/PKO server with tons of unique system features! Newbie Catch-Up Quests, Player Commands, NPC Equipment Exchangers, Global Market System, New Unique Classes, Fast PK Balancing, Daily Events, Monthly Content Updates and more! Max character level 130, Max pet level 200, Unique Reborn-Rebirth System, Unique Prayer, Rune and Hero Systems, Battle Power Rating System. Newbie friendly server with active GMs and staff! Join now and start your MaPKO adventures! Website : https://www.rmpo.net/mapko/ Discord : https://discord.gg/aTtQ6Ye Facebook Page : https://www.facebook.com/rmapko Website : https://www.rmpo.net/mapko/ Discord : https://discord.gg/aTtQ6Ye Facebook Page : https://www.facebook.com/rmapko
  2. Welcome to Pirates Battle Online ( Brand New Pure PVP Server ) if you are looking for a server that will be simple fun and full of fights then you are right here. We bring you a new server called Pirates Battle Online to the world of tales of pirates. This server will be designed so that it will focus more on fights and therefore we will give in-game gems and starting things for free. Of course, we will also have possible character improvements or already improved things, or new gems. They will be included in the story of the game, so I want to invite you all to our new server, which we would like to open this month. We will provide more information on our discord game servers. Therefore, please join our community so that you know all the news that will come and not be left without information. WEBSITE: Comming Soon. DISCORD: https://discord.gg/GsW8ZGXQh6 Server Features (Pure PVP Server) - ( anticipated open date 15-20 November ) Player Level Instant Max Player Level 110 Pet Lv Normal Fruits 70 Pet Lv Improved Fruits 90 Pet Growth Exp 650x Guild Limit 20 Drop Rate 10x Gem Level Limit: Lv9 - Gem level 9 you can find in gem shop for money ( normal gems, unique gems, black dragon gems, azrael gems ) NEW FUNCTIONS - New Unique Functions - New Unique Bosses - New Unique Sets & Weapons - New Stats Auras and Wings - New Fairy and Rear Fairy - New Unique PK Ranking - New Upgrade System Gems - New Balanced Classes inside mazes and battlegrounds - New Improved mazes - New Design of Game
  3. Myruni

    Project PK II

    ~ Project PK II ~ Status: LIVE Discord: https://discord.gg/MhXwGRGakf Website: https://www.projectpk.online/ "Moving out of the city of which we are all familiar with… Argent City… Project PK takes place in Spring Island, one of the most beautifully designed region in TOP/PKO! Project PK is a no farm, no grind, no pay to win*, just PK and have fun TOP/PKO private server..." About the team: Project PK is built by a team who love and grew up with the game. The main reason why we built Project PK is because we understand that this is an old game, and a lot of us don’t really have the time to grind the game like we all used to. On top of that, not a lot of us have the means to pay out of our own pocket to get the best items in game. Thus, we have designed Project PK specifically for us old people, who has no time, no money, also lazy, but still enjoy the game! We are a new team and we are learning as we go along but we hope the journey will be worth it! Server rates: (Not like it’s really important) Server type: PK server Max level: 100 Max pet level: 60 EXP rate: Instant Fairy growth rate: Instant Balanced classes: All original skills were retained with minor tweaks on stats and skill output to ensure that all classes are balance to ensure our players getting the best PK experience. Magic >> Champ >> Melee >> Magic Server features: Battlepass questing system Guild system with leveling, stats and vault New and unique apparels Difficult but fun bossing Maps: You will not run out of things to do! Project PK rock 6 PK/PvE maps – one map for each hour to keep the action going! 1. Chaos Argent - PK 2. Chaos Icicle - PK 3. Chaos Shaitan - PK 4. Chaos Spring Town - PK 5. Forsaken City - PvE 6. Demonic World - PvE On top of this, there’s also the world boss map that opens once every 36 hours taking place in the Black Dragon Lair! Bossing have been revamped and to make bossing an even more challenging and fun experience! So, it wouldn’t just be dull old PK and toxicity! Planned future releases: Realm Boss - PvE content Guild war Phoenix rebirth Sea contents Player marriage Cosmetic rear pets Cosmetic cloak Cosmetic glows New maps Join our discord channel now to join in the hype! * Note that Project PK operates an item mall that mainly sells qualify of life perks, cosmetics and T2 & T3 pk supplies. All items in the item mall has been tested and will not provide clear unfair advantage to paying players all while maintaining a balanced PK to all.
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