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Found 7 results

  1. Ocean Pirates Online Medium Farm / PK Server Currency : Money Kal Stones Morph Stones 60 FPS New Maps New Apps Balanced PK Rates CMDs Easy to Catch Up Hard Gemming Friendly Staff Give Away Weekly Server information: Normal Player Level: 80 ( Instant ) Mad Ami Level: 10 ( Instant ) Max Pet Level: 50 ( 65 with special fruits ) Server Rate: Solo Exp: 15x Party Exp: 30x Drop Rate: 50x Pet Exp: 200x Maps: Ocean Island ( Main City ) Demonic World Chaos Argent battle royal pk Madness Pk Ref Island Farm island Available Gems: Normal Gems ( NPC ) Unique Gems ( Vouchers )( Npc ) Great Gems ( Vouchers )( Npc ) BD Gems ( Vouchers ) Azrael Gems ( Vouchers ) Refining Gem ( Vouchers ) Ocean Pirates Online Going to Recruit for a closed Beta Soon Beta Players will get rewards in Official Launch Join Our Discord Server For more information's and Launching Date Discord Server Coming Soon Website Coming Soon
  2. Click ----> DISCORD <---- Click Website: https://piratemasters.com/ Forum: https://piratemasters.com/forum/ Welcome to Pirate Masters Online! Pirate Masters Online is a Low Rate Tales of Pirates Private server We have focused on the core gameplay element and added a few quality of life changes as mentioned above in the image, and we will continue to support and work on improving the core game experience as a whole, while in the future add more features that was added in the later tales of pirates versions. You may jump in, registrer yourself a account. The download links has already been posted so you may already download the client! Full list of features: - Vanilla server with x2 Exp and x1 Drop Rate - Level Cap is 80 - Fairy max level is 41 - 3 Sockets, Max gem lvl 5 and max forge is +15 - Gems directly droppable from Monsters, Bosses and chests in mazes (Broken, Cracked, UG's, Normal Gems) - Gamble Chests droppable from all maze monsters that can be opened for gold to get gems/forge items/fairy food and fruits - Coral Pouches for buying corals directly from the inventory at Little Daniel NPC in Argent or from the Item Mall - Fairy NPC in icicle to exchange your signets, and fairy coins for x boxes per character per day for lucky items - Fairy Obtainable from the level 10 chest after class change - Award Center with reputation exchangeable for credits to obtain fairy items and levling items on the website - Vote system on the website to receive free Credits per vote every 12 hours - 1000 Stack limit on Fairy Coins and other items - Better and faster Skill animations for smoother gameplay - Party Search feature button near the mini map - Monsters now show Direct Hp values and have more clear hp bars on them - Active Pots and Buffs showing above player head - Player Levels showing beside name - Hp and SP values under characters - Pk Highlighting circles under names (for different guilds) - Swings (cosmetic only in item mall) - Cloak with upgrades (Cosmetic only In item mall) - More new and cool Apparels in the Item Mall - Exp Lock Stone (In the Item Mall) - Fusable Tattoo Apparel - Slightly improved UI for inventory and Quests logs - PK Map - Dream Island - Top 2 Weird Hat seller NPC So what are you waiting for? Come join us on discord and get yourself ready for the launch, 24th June 2023 at 18:00 GMT +2 Click here to see when 18:00 GMT+2 is at your local time See you there, Pirates!
  3. **================TEMPEST PIRATES ONLINE v2==================** Server Info - Mid Rate Server/Farm to WIN Starting Town : - Fantasy Town Mazes : Chaos Argent Hidden Camp Lv55 Dark Swamp Lv55 Demonic World Bounty Hunter - Player Max Level : Instant Level Lv45,Lv55,Lv120 - Max Pet Lv: 50 [Normal up to 40 then 50 up imp fruits ] - Drop Rate: 5x - Fairy-growth: *From Lv01-20 = 150x Fairy-growth* *From Lv21-30 = 75x Fairy-growth* *From Lv31-40 = 50x Fairy-growth* *From Lv41-45 = 37x Fairy-growth* Fairy Level - Lv01-40 With Normal Fruits - Lv40-45 With Improved Fruits Fairy fruit leveling success rate Lv00-04 has 100% chance to level up fairy Lv05-09 has 90% chance to level up fairy Lv10-14 has 80% chance to level up fairy Lv15-19 has 70% chance to level up fairy Lv20-24 has 60% chance to level up fairy Lv25-29 has 50% chance to level up fairy Lv30-34 has 40% chance to level up fairy Lv35-41 has 30% chance to level up fairy Lv42-45 has 50% chance to level up fairy Forging Rate: Lv 1 - 100% Lv 2 - 100% Lv 3 - 90% Lv 4 - 80% Lv 5 - 70% Combining Rate - 100% Apparel Upgrade Rate - 75% Discord Group : https://discord.gg/3Z4bEm7eqy
  4. joao

    Celestia Sea

    Celestia sea server dedicated 24/7 new server Medium Rates Exp :20 Party: 30 Pet:100 Weekend events !/ venha jogar eventos semanais Staff Brasileira //english Full Farm server/ mobs gives Gold Unseal 75 in npc Unseal 95 by Farm Pvp events Deathcircle Chaos arena Arena Sandbags nearer mine and inside Mine Fairy coin for money and elven signets for BD gems Website : celestiasea.com Discord : https://discord.gg/R5ad4x2aZ6
  5. My NEW project --> https://discord.gg/hJuubrBx It's under development! I hope your help to make the best server possible!
  6. Hello Friends! I've started to work on private server. I want to create something really good! I'm open for suggestions what i should add or change! At the moment i can't say anything about rates. But it won't be very hard server. I already have a small vision of how it will look like. I hope you enjoy it! Every1 who want to help please join my discord: https://discord.gg/tHmkvEs Thanks, Tosiek
  7. somebody please help me make a new server..i want to know what all are required to make a new server..im a programmer myself..i want to know what r the other things that i need to make a server. ty
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