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Found 4 results

  1. [Новость] Исходные коды модов были перенесены на GitHub Исходные коды всех модов за моим авторством из раздела "Моды для клиента и сервера (PKOdev.NET mod loader)" теперь можно найти в соответствующих репозиториях на GitHub. Там же можно скачать последние бинарные релизы модов в виде .dll-библиотек, а также все необходимые ресурсы для их работы: .cfg-файлы настроек, скрипты, текстуры и другие файлы. Ранее моды хранились в облачном хранилище Google Диск, что не очень удобно для подобного рода проектов.
  2. [News] Mod source codes have been moved to GitHub The source codes of all mods I authored from the section "Mods for client and server (PKOdev.NET mod loader)" can now be found in their corresponding repositories on GitHub. There you can also download the latest binary releases of mods in the form of .dll libraries, as well as all the necessary resources for their work: .cfg settings files, scripts, textures and other ones. Previously, mods were stored in Google Drive cloud storage, which is not very convenient for this kind of projects.
  3. Hello friends, Im planning to start a project and share it on github, however i want to know if you guys would like to work and improve this project. Preference: Languages PHP, Javascript Tools Angular, Laravel
  4. Who is behind https://github.com/pkodev ? I was looking at the source of the proxy - https://github.com/pkodev/proxy Was wondering who wrote this? I'm doing some work with receiving and sending packets to and from the TOP client, would love to ask a question or two if at all possible. Thanks!
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