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  1. Hello My Fellow Pirates!!! Join Us! As we relaunch our New and Well Improved Tempest Pirates!! Join Our Discord Channel for More Updates and Announcements If you want to have a Good and Well Balanced Server Tempest Pirates is the one!! Active and Approachable GM's / Admin's Server is Well Balanced Easy to understand the Game Phase of the Server! Easy to Familiarize the Maps and Npc's Vip Premium Membership Features! And many more to come!!! Server Info: Max Level : lv75 Instant Job Change Max Fairy Level : Lv60 Max Gem Level : Lv5 In Game Shop : IGShop In Game Data Base Solo Exp : 8x Part Exp : • 2 Party members: +2.00% EXP • 3 Party members: +3.00% EXP • 4 Party members: +4.00% EXP • 5 Party members: +5.00% EXP Ship Exp : 50x Drop Rate : 1x Fairy-Growth, according to fairy level: - From Lv1 to Lv30: 25x growth - From Lv31 to Lv40: 20x growth - From Lv41 to Lv50: 15x growth - From Lv50 to Lv60: 10x growth Website : https://tempest-pirates.com/ Facebook Group : https://www.facebook.com/groups/tempestpiratesonline/ Facebook Page : https://www.facebook.com/TempestPiratesOnline/ Discord Server : https://discord.gg/QJb5w7R Features: Guild System Apparel System Vip Membership Bounty Hunter System Online Time Exchanger Active PK System Crafting System Land Fishing Rear Fairies Reputation Exchanger Colorful Necklace Apparel Custom Quest Demon Eater Card Collection Lord Emblem Pirate Emblem Hexathlon Titles Mazes: Arena Island Chaos Argent Hidden Camp Demonic World 1 -2 Capture The Flag Dungeons & Instances Black Dragon Lair 2 Abaddon 5-8 Sandy Beach Lone Tower Tribulation of Faith Darkness Forest Equipment: Unseal Lv45 Unseal Lv55 Boss Equipment (Frame) Chaos Set Water Break Set Black Dragon Equipment OCP Black Dragon Equipment Death Equipment Death Weapon Lv85 Weapon Kylin Equipment Ancient Necklace Lv65 Lv65 Rings Lv75 Rings Gems Available in Game Normal Gems Broken Gems Cracked Gems Chipped Gems Great Gems Advance Gems Black Dragon Gems Rock Gems Tempest Gems NPC's Available: Job Changer Guild Manager Boss Information Global PK Ranking General Store Fairy Shop Event NPC Papa Apparel Npc Kal Exchanger Substance Generator Vip Manager Bounty Hunter Administrator Bounty Hunter Assistant Sandy Beach Resident Lone Tower Resident Darkness Forest Resident Tribulation Resident Chaos Administrator Ticket Seller Skill Books Npc Lv4 Gem Combiner Accessory Vendor CTF Administrator
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