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  1. @Myruni , thx but i dont use discord , i have 4 friends that would like to play : )
  2. Aight cool , just dont make it much p2w with a lot of buffs oh , ah but cool if u can obtain them in game nice Btw website? or it will release day 31?
  3. Awesomee looking to play a pk server might join : ) nice if server succes u may if u want could add item mall custom appareals for example ,something that dont give advantage to people, and want to support the server ... Cheers
  4. IMHO people that would pay with bitcoin(would be rare IMHO) could contact admin easier ... ,but ur question uh sorry no idea but gl
  5. oh hi Seth i kinda remeber u , u on my friend list lol not sure what server it was or how long.. ahah
  6. Hey what u mean by full private server? files?
  7. So i have a pair of questions regarding forum , why i can't PM , also how i edit my posts? lol ;,; seems i can't find it >_>
  8. Uh sad .. i see a lot of leechers just looking for a way to dupe hah ,i guess most of them didn't even played original TOP or duped there lel
  9. Not sure i think google after 6~ years (without knowing a thing about TOP ) noticed serverdev was dead
  10. Well since TOP launched till 5-6 years back then when i stopped playing ( sorry for double post seems i can't find how to edite lol..
  11. Hey @V3ct0r maybe i played with u in any private server? 5 years back then? what names u used? o: did u had some server , as u seem to know ur stuff
  12. So i am looking for a trusted coder , we will test server on my friend PC and if all good we will buy a host , if u in for it u would be admin with me and my friend equally...
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