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  1. Oh nice , so is a server for mobiles ? also for PC i assume? i gotta try but i only have a very old/bad smartphone so UGH...(edit saw is not on App Store/ Google store.. hmm)
  2. I translate.... , el error pasa porque line.find(":") esta intentando acceder a line"/lineas en la que esta vacia ,cuando el archivo esta vacio , por eso ahi 0 lines"/lineas en el archivo Puedes intentatr esto tambien while(getline(inAccounts, line)) { codethatuseslinecontent(&line); } "While" funcionará hasta que getline no devuelva nada (cuando no queden líneas"lines"). Espero que haya servido...
  3. Sorry i don't understand russian , but assume either is a server for mobiles or files for them , wow , i remember back 20 years ago~ when my old amd x2 64, idk if 2 or 4gb RAM ..., lagged hard when i openened a second client , also on GW when there was A LOT of players , 13 years ago a 660,8gb ram and i5-2400k could easily run any amount of clients, crazy how in a decade technology advances, now a FUCKING Mobile can run this were a PC ( tho 20+ yo) struggled to run , i also assume not every device can run it , it will require a good CPU/GPU and Ram, i mean a 100€ chinese mobile prolly wont run and if so will lagg hard now a ipHone 15 or latest samsung well.... , but thats 1,5k€ like .... with 2k u can build a PC can last easily 10 years , GPU i guess half of that will get outdated but still...
  4. Ohh i had no idea , do u think u can make a tweak for skills CD like that one? would be awsome ( tho no big deal anyway coz i dont know when i will play agn or if i will but incase .. )
  5. HI @V3ct0r is the mod loader necessary? this one looks amazing to add to my collection of tweak ,tho been five years since i played top would likee to save this one but installing that mod loader etc etc just for this idk >.> more so when i've no idea when i will play again ( if i will... ) Ty cheers
  6. Awesome , that mod/tweak , well i haven't played TOP in like 5 years but looks cool , i have a good collection of tweaks will see if i find them when i get some time and post them , like camtweak,noskill animation,some good amount of glows tweaks,inv tweak have 2-3(no scroll etc) , hmm monster tweaks( some monster don't show ) and same with items i made all of those except the inv tweak coz a friend passed me , Btw was wondering... do i need that "source code/mod loader" to use this tweak? isn't it just a exe may .lua/.dll file standalone?
  7. Aye same more than a decade since i played TOP , any1 know a good legit" PK/easy server ?
  8. severf off? on? or what? ... come one any1 have a stable server to pk and rememeber old times ' ~ Ifyou~
  9. sry for delay reply , uh i see thx for ur answer will see what i do To add if anyone interestted and edit the files and host it on my friend host we could pay some around 50€~ after seeing all working etc.. Files prefered old DSO ( the first one from eligigi or whatever his name was ) or avacado ( the first one too the one that zankza made )
  10. Hi i just know basics about coding , but i can add glows to weapons , of all kinds , colours and sizes... no discord btw..
  11. Also when will website be up? ty
  12. Hi i can't access the launch gift pack hmm....
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