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  1. Hello, the problem is the following one, when I try to give PVP to someone in the zone of PVP and MVM there goes out this mistake that will stop below ... can someone help me please?
  2. Hello, a place I am the scripter of a servant of Such of pirates, am using the Top files I Clean Files v1.36 (2.0) together with his original client, am creating a servant lasting SLOW who I need an equipment of at least two or more persons who collaborate in different areas, one of them must reach with the VPS or hosting of the servant one will take 50 % of the earnings produced to pay the services and others. Everything the one that to reach with a VPS will be received route private messenger company. Regards.
  3. MCHund

    Create a Quest

    How do I add the function of having the NPC give an item at the end of the quest?
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