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  1. First of all, my english is not good, sorry about that. I have tried to change language in this game. So i changed a charset of font and also font that support my language. After that i can see my language and the font was changed in game but it doesn't display correctly. Question 1. What's wrong with it? Question 2. Should i use directWrite? So could you let me know about the solution, Thank you
  2. Thank you for sharing, I complied successfully with it
  3. First of all, I would say sorry about my english cause i'm not good at it I have been struggling to compile to the source code in this post --> The source code is available! By V3ct0r I tried to compile using VS2003, VS2008, VS2013, VS2015 but none of them worked I'm not sure about that i would say --> I think cause my current environment is not support for it So could you let me know about the environment that you're using for development, Thank you
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